The Nook

This is the book I have spent the best part of that last 15 years writing and illustrating. The story follows Jesus and Emma as they stroll in an idyllic garden. She asks the question of why suffering occurs in her own life and throughout the world. Follow Emma as she discovers the loving, compassionate truths Jesus has to offer.

In an age of such great suffering, I felt this work was necessary as I have struggled with the question of suffering and knew others may have a similar struggle.

This work is copyrighted so it cannot be altered. However, I am releasing it via social media and wordpress so that all who may benefit from its message can have open access to it. I hope you all enjoy my labor of love and perseverance.

Jesus and Emma
Title page in its first form. The book holds the final image.

11 thoughts on “The Nook

  1. So excited to read this my friend. Your illustrations are so lovely. I wonder if I could download this to my tab so I could read it anytime without going online. I’ve missed you, hope you are well. Thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂


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