A deadly dance ensues
Winter, earnestly holds fast to what he has claimed.
Spring glides atop life restrained,
glancing to the Father for her cue.
Winter’s rage rips at her tender sprouts
clawing, wrenching, bellowing his anger.
She returns beckoning to the birds to make their nests
whispering to the flowers and trees to bud.
Awaken, she cries.

Winter must sleep.
Spring is here and Winter must surrender.
His tortured brow bends,
sorrow, exhaustion,

A tiny sparrow braves reproach,
clears his throat and
fills the crisp air with a melodic song
signaling rebirth.
He is joined by a chorus a hundred-fold.

Vibrant greens surge into each blade of grass.
tender shoots grow strong and produce buds
promising a kaleidoscope of colors
escorted by glorious fragrances dancing upon the breeze.

Slumber well dear brother,
for you were magnificent!