Christmas is Commercialized!

Decade after decade I have heard this cry from Christians and non-Christians alike. Is it true? Of course it is! Humanity has always been experts at quantifying the dollar value of everything including you and me. Just browse a life insurance policy and see how much your right arm is worth should it depart from your body. Yes, everything about Christmas is for sale except for its true meaning, which is totally free and can only be delivered by the Savior. Mankind’s profiteering from a sacred celebration is nothing new. Remember how Paul got into trouble when his actions and preaching endangered the local goddess trinket market? One example among thousands to be certain.

Christmas is unique in that it is appealing to Christians and Non-Christians alike so the market is wide open for the venders to make profit. However, we, as Christians, should not gripe about the ‘early’ celebrations; instead, we should see it as a golden opportunity to share Christ’s love with others. I love Christmas and everything about it except the secularization of it. I see the early season as a fantastic opportunity to shine for Jesus. Regardless of what the profiteer’s motivation is for Christmas, you and I, as Christians, should welcome it and ask our Lord to reveal opportunities to lead people to his healing love.
I have seen far too many judgmental people slamming others who are professing their love and excitement for this Holy loving season. I would prefer to say that this condemnation came from the secular alone but the majority of it is emanating from those claiming to follow our Christ and Savior. If you are one Christian who turns into the Grinch at the Early Christmas introduction then please pray that God will soften your heart and ask him to allow you see, hear, and feel with His heart when you interact with others this Christmas season. If that season is introduced to you early then embrace the opportunities instead of keeping your Christian Christmas love locked up for a period of no more than 3.5 weeks and not a single moment more! This is the one time of year that everyone is exposed to Christ whether they like it or not so why not plow the fertile ground and welcome with heavenly vigor the opportunity to share?


Is Christmas commercialized? Absolutely and it is a grand opportunity for all Christians to be overly generous with the love, joy, peace, and hope that comes 365 days a year to all who bow before our Savior’s throne. Please, Christian brothers and sisters don’t waste a single moment of the “early” Christmas season. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

15 thoughts on “Christmas is Commercialized!

  1. You need to spend time with family Christmas is all about spending time with your family and giving thanks to Jesus it’s not about the presents that’s just wasting money then later on they won’t even use the gift. People need to be focused on being thank full for their parents generosity.

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  2. Hello Tina

    I have just finished writing my own blog article on Christmas & doing a search found this one of yours.

    I am a Christian who also used to be a big Christmas fan but over recent years I have found things out about it that cause me to ponder and pause in my practices somewhat.

    I have written about Father Christmas at:
    & I have written about how much I used to indulge in all things Christmassy at:

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing with you.
    God bless you


    • Hello Helen,
      First let me express my gratitude that you took the time to visit my blog. I appreciate your interest in my ideas and writings. I have read both links you put in your post on my page and have a few ideas that I would like to express if you do not mind.
      Let me preface my comments by saying I was a history teacher many years ago but will always retain the love of history regardless of where the Lord takes me upon my path. Many of your points of historical accuracy of the Nativity story are true. December the 25th is only a date that was chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is not his true birthday and yes, he did actually have a real birthday on earth. He descended from heaven, took human form and was born a human baby being fully human and fully God. If this event had not happened then we are not saved and Easter means nothing. Christmas is a holy event regardless of what the world has done to it and Christians should cherish it, honor it, and spread Christ’s attributes always but especially during a fertile season for his love. Jesus, the child, was likely around 2 years old when the magi visited him with their gifts, which is why Herod killed all children 2 years and younger. Have you ever viewed the movie, The Star? It reveals the cosmic alignments that were put into motion before creation that clearly illustrates the coming of the Christ. The Christmas star that the wise men followed was an awesome alignment of stars that shone brightly as a single star to the human eye. There exists so many miracles in the mundane of mankind’s account of the real human birth of Christ that his divinity cannot be denied.

      Both this post and the other about ‘Father Christmas’ appear to have a common theme, Lie vs. Truth. Father Christmas, as you aptly identify as Santa Clause in the second half of your post was a real person. Did you know that? Of course, he is not the Santa Clause we are all familiar with today but the real life person that gave birth to the legend was a man named Nicholas. He was an orphan of wealthy parents. He lived modestly in a town where he functioned as a priest, who actually made toys for the children in his village. Most importantly, He fought against those, in the priesthood, who were trying to say that Christ was just a good man, a teacher and not divine. Nicholas fought with the church to the point that they took away his priesthood but there was such an outcry by the people that they had to reinstate him, eventually Sainting him, ergo…Saint Nicholas. Over the years the legend has little to do with the actual man and we can thank Coke a Cola for the image of the person Americans know as Santa Clause. I am not an advocate, nor am I an opponent to Christians using Santa Clause in their homes. God can use anything for Good. He tells us that what Satan means for evil He will use for good IF WE ALLOW IT. It is our choice. I can tell you that I have seen much good will spread and love shown, even by secular people, at Christmas when they are ‘playing Santa’. Is it a ‘sell-out’, as a Christian, to use the vehicles of good to produce more good as long as you are always keeping Christ at the center of you life and not just at Christmas? Christ became all things to all people according to his own holy nature so can we not work within the world’s idea of Christmas to bring them to the truth? Meeting them where they are at and then guiding them, through love, to the Cross is what we are commanded to do and Christmas Time gives us the perfect opportunity to share that love. Condemnation of others is not a good way to shine a light on the path toward the cross for our fellow sinners. Obviously, Christ did not engage in sinful behavior but he did not blindly crush sinners with their sins. He forgave them and used love to show them the error of their ways. He certainly did not beat them down with their misunderstandings, errors, blatant sin or sheer ignorance.

      It seems to me that you are spirit-weary about more than just Christmas but you may be using the vehicle of Christmas and the blatant errors man has clothed it in to express your disillusionment and anger. I understand this mindset as I was once a person who allowed her rage to fuel her anger at the world resulting in a thick wall to cage in her heart. I have had a very difficult life full of hardship and pain and my walk in the present is wrought in daily pain and disability. Satan has tried to destroy me since I was five years old and he nearly did on several occasions but God is good and he has melted my heart and strengthened my spirit to stand strong. My heart breaks for you as there is so much anger here and I know how destructive that is regardless of how we try to justify it with the “truth”.

      The Holy Spirit is always with us and there are millennia of history that is strewn with inaccuracies but Scripture is solid if you understand the history, sociology, context and theology behind it. Does it truly matter that we celebrate Christ’s birthday on December 25th? Just as long as we honor the sacrifice God made for us. Make no mistake, God coming down into human form was a huge sacrifice for him. He knew past, present and future. He knew the evil that Herod would do because of the prophecy of his birth and he felt the anguish each parent as they held their dying child. He knew the betrayal that was to come, he knew the temptation Satan was going to pose and he knew the agony of both losing his only begotten son while inexplicably and simultaneously experiencing the utter agony of being separated from his Holy Father upon his death on the cross. His birth set into motion the event that allows us, who are saved, to have confidence in our eternal lives.

      Painting all worldly distortions of Christmas as evil negates the power of God. You have spent so much time and energy ripping away the illusions of mankind to reveal partial “truths” that gaping wounds are left behind. Both your posts do indeed contain a partial expose’ of such while offering brutal condemnation upon all who refuse to SEE the ‘truth’ you have discovered. Yes, they are truths, in part, but there are so many more layers to the stories and events you offer as evidence to your point of view. I pray that God will relight your spirit so that you are on fire for Him. You are zealous for him and I admire that but redirecting and focusing that zeal in a loving manner may draw more to our savior than bashing others over the head with the interpretation of what you have learned. My fervent prayer is that God ministers to your heart so that he can mend it allowing you to live out Christ’s love toward all. Christians should never see Christmas as the enemy but as a fantastic opportunity.


      • Hi Tina,

        I have posted your comment on my blog and put my response to you there.
        Thank you for all the time and effort you spent in reading my Christmas articles and writing to me.

        God bless


      • Thank you for your response Helen. I understand my response was lengthy but it barely scratched the surface of all the points that I should have addressed. Yet, I felt to go on further would be fruitless as zeal tends to deafen and blind those it holds prisoner.
        I am your contemporary and have been a Christian my entire life. I have struggled with that faith throughout my youth but have anchored my walk in our Savior as I have reached maturity. I fully acknowledge that you reveal some truths but our points of view are divergent. I respect your opinions and appreciate your efforts to pursue the Savior.
        God Bless,


  3. To my Readers: Please be wary of grainofwheatblog (Helen) as she has edited my comments and completely deleted other comments I had made to refute her opinion. I have asked her to remove me from her blog entirely as she is now misrepresenting my viewpoint. Beware folks.


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