Soul Pairing

Nancy and Joel Honse, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you always and forever.

Peaks and Valleys

Tina Blackledge

Ice crystals bounce together
as they dance in a suspended
atmosphere. A Cascading resonance of delicate
pings and clinks inhabit both time and space.

Where am I?

Were those words spoken aloud
or just whispered among my thoughts?
The clear melodic sound of the collision of
crystals eliminates all other sound.

Am I dreaming?

Goosebumps cover your flesh revealing
a chill in the air placing your senses in a state of
acute awareness. Glancing down, you notice
you are wearing a modest pale blue shift
graduating in tone to the floor
toward a deep ocean blue.

A delicate strength inhabits
a length of it, which you allow to pass
between thumb and forefinger
revealing a softness so light,
you are uncertain
if you have felt air alone.

Is this Heaven?

You command your mind
to reason a frame of reference
but to no avail. No memories

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