Soul Mates

I beg your tolerance as a re-blog a few older posts for a dear friend of mine who is struggling greatly with his own brokenness and feelings of worthlessness. I am hoping my words will allow him to see that the love he has been blessed with will far outweigh the pain and hardship with which Satan is attacking.

Peaks and Valleys

Soul Mates
Tina Blackledge

His body glistens as

he lies beside me.

The gentle touch of his

hand tracing my frame

soothes away the fear,

soothes away the pain.

I look deeply into his eyes

and find myself reflected

in his heart of hearts.

The pulse of life courses

under hand as I rest

mine upon his neck.

He whispers ever so gently

words I cannot comprehend.

“You are so beautiful,

I love you so deeply

my heart aches.”

My eyes well

with hope and fear.

How could anyone ever love me?

I am nothing,

I am broken,

I am refuse.

My body stiffens

as he draws me closer.

Softly, gently, our lips brush

then he kisses the tears from my eyes.

“Please my love,

look at me.”

I open my eyes to be drawn into his own.

Love, tender sweet love.

Tears stream freely now

he cradles…

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