Peaks and Valleys

Acrid, dense smoke pierced

eyes swollen from exhaustion.

Each breath burned like fire and

took twice as much effort to push

in and out of the body.

Another battle won, yet

victory is not

as sweet as when younger

lips enjoyed it.

Still victory was had.

Looking to the left…darkness

to the right…darkness


How can we take it?

The Dark One does not rest.

He revels in our weakness

using it to pull us away

from our Savior.

The battles weaken us and

He moves in to tempt

showing us the easy path

to take.

Clever to be sure,

 his generosity

is abundant.

Humans cannot resist

for they are weak in their

own strength.

Truths spin through her

mind trying to find root.

Exhaustion and pain make it

difficult for them to find purchase.

“Not more than you can handle…”

“Will not be tempted…”

“Plans to prosper you…”


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