A War Won

Peaks and Valleys

Tina Blackledge

Is it the 4th or 5th day now?
I suppose it matters not. It will end
when it ends and not a moment beforehand.

Why do you stay?
I am feverish, achy, exhausted.
My resolve wanes as the days drag
onward. This flare has to end
sometime. It is a minor one to be certain
but I am becoming woefully weary.

Why do you stay?

This body is broken, has been
for a very long time. There is no
quick fix or special remedy
money can buy. No
hope exists for a “happily ever-after.”

Why do you stay?

If I could, I would run far, far
away. Battle weary, hard
won victories leaving
behind severe scars. Another
thing to deal with, another pill
to take making that much
deeper the stake.

I must stay.

In bed we lay. Tonight,
it is I who is in need…

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