The Unwelcome Guest

 First rays of the summer sun

 race to illuminate the small

grove. Its inhabitants awake

without complaint.

The grove was abundant in food

peace and safety. The only

other occupant was

an old country church patiently

awaiting its fold.

Blue birds filled the air


songs of praise.

A sound so pure and clear,

a melody worthy of the Creator’s ear.

The sun climbed ever higher

casting a shadow upon

 the man turning the key

opening the large doors of

the chapel.

He always arrived an hour

or two before any other filled

a pew.

Time to reflect, time

 to pray, time to ask

for wisdom, patience, and

feet of clay.

“Lord Jesus, lend me

your eyes that I might

see this flock as you do.

Give me your heart to

love all whom you send

my way and a discerning

mind that wisdom would flow, Amen.”

Standing and grasping his Bible

he started toward the sanctuary

as muffled voices and distant

car doors announced the

arrival of the congregation.

The Pastor knew he would

be here and there was nothing

he could do because the

unwelcomed guest

always received an

invitation from me

and from you.

He would sit in the

very front row knowing

every word of scripture

but not letting it show.

He wasn’t there to learn,

fellowship, or become

more like the Savior. No,

none of those things is

what he did savor.

The Pastor sighed deeply

upon stepping to the pulpit

as he recognized their guest

was already working the room.

The people were settled into their

familiar clicks. The poor sat in the far rear

while the affluent took the lead.

 But none sat next to the family

 who lived without running water,

Their respectable senses

were aghast.

Tongue clicks and whispers veiled under breath

spread disdain and disgust in the

presence of such an obvious


Over there perched the family of judges,

who would snicker and point with their eyes

to alert one another that there was laughter to be had

or condemnation to be made of those just entering

the sanctuary.

The Bennet family, fragile as can be,

sat holding one another in their

fear and in their grief. They had lost a son

in Iraq last summer and now their little one

is fighting cancer. Their faith is stretched thin but

they have not given up hope. Our Guest is

trying his best to destroy them but he is failing.

Then you have those who feel it

their duty to reveal your sin, criticize

your worship or prayer life, and condemn

those who are struggling.

 In their reason,

 one is sick, barren, in

financial woe or experiencing

heart ache due to some unconfessed


 “Get right with God and your

hardship will be delivered.” is the chant

they cry in disapproving condemnation.

Driving divisions among God’s people

is his favorite activity and we are

so willing to play.

Yes, he is here and they invited him

as they do regardless of the warnings.

He knows the Bible better than most

Christians but he does not see its truth.

His hardened heart does not feel

the forgiving love of Christ.

Instead, it angers him and

he takes his fury out upon

the flock.

“They have more than us. She is far prettier or talented

than I. I heard…cheated on his wife. God cannot

love or forgive you since you did that horrible

thing in your past. You are not good enough to succeed. Your

beliefs are childish superstitions. You will fail.”

Lies, his favorite lies, he uses against

the flock.

He has enjoyed great success in

invading the church and scattering the flock.

His minions carry out his orders sewing

discord, jealousy, bigotry, hatred, and

cynicism where ever they go.

Church after church has fallen to his


He is becoming angrier

and fiercer as he

sees his time ebbing away.

He tortures any who work

to follow the Savior’s path.

Yes, Satan is the first one in church

and the last one to leave because turning

one Christian to sin bringing him to ruin

will convince 1000 more souls to reject

Jesus because of his sinful people.

Satan loves to use fallen Christians because

it hurts the Father deeply when his children stray.

He will never give up, never stop, and never

show mercy.

Children of God, take warning and

be on guard so you do not

become one of Satan’s favorite tools.

In a world of pain and destruction,

be determined not to add to the

brokenness of Creation.

Instead, build…repair…create

and healing will be had in your church,

home, work place, social group, neighborhood

and maybe, just maybe, it will keep going and

heal our lands.



“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray then I shall hear from heaven and heal their lands.” God

4 thoughts on “The Unwelcome Guest

  1. Amen Sister!! Preach!! Certain parts really touched and brought to mind why I can’t stand the Name it and Claim it | Prosperity Gospel that took over the church back in the 80s. This making God out to be Santa Claus and condemning poor, sick, homeless or disabled folks is not what Jesus or the Gospel is about. I actually read on social media where a so-called Christian called other Christians who are ill/sick/disabled anti-health!! Now if those of us dealing with health challenges were really anti-health why would we go to the doctor, change our diets, exercise, take food supplements, etc… to get well? I wonder if they’d tell Stevie Wonder that if he had more faith that he could will himself to see? Or a Wounded Veteran who lost limbs that their arms or legs could grow out if they just believed? A society that does not accept or try to help the disabled worries me. I’ve actually had Christians tell me that my brother Stephen who has Autism is demon-possessed?!! Go figure!! Stephen is the kindest, most compassionate loving person I know. But sadly some people refuse to see that aspect of his personality and only see his disability. Thanks for allowing me to have my say! God Bless!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly, I have run into those mislead Christians far too often. I have learned that their reaction is fear based because if anyone can experience hardship, illness, and heartache regardless of how they pray or worship then they, too, can fall victim to this broken creation of ours. They say the accept the free gift of salvation but their human reason pushes them to believe they have to perform a certain way in order for God to hear their prayers.
      I used to despise the book of Job because it seemed so desperately unfair but I worked through it and after many years I have come to see it as one of the most valuable books in my walk. The way God handles Job’s “friends” at the end of that book speaks volumes to those who would dare to interpret God’s reason for healing or not healing a person.
      Many Christians, with false beliefs, do so much harm that they push people further from Christ instead of drawing them in towards salvation.
      Joel Olsteen has reignited that ‘name and claim it’ mentality. It is insanity but it is another ‘faith by works’ Christianity.
      I agree one hundred percent that the disabled are special blessings to us especially those with a childlike faith because they serve as examples of what a true Christian is supposed to be like. When someone is so ignorant and cruel then I pray for them because I do not know what God will use to teach them compassion but I know it will be a difficult path to tread and their hollow faith will not sustain them.
      I greatly appreciate your input and pray you stay the course even when the sharks are moving in, for God knows our struggles and pain. He knows the path he has asked us to walk is difficult but he has also equipped us with the tools to both endure it and become a blessing to others. If we allow him to use our pain then his glory does shine brighter than the sun. I believe the disabled are his strongest warriors because we have compassion, empathy, and passion to fight for the underdog. We are blessed because we are privileged to know God on a level those wayward Christians will never be able to see or feel.
      Pity those who persecute you, for they may never see the light of God’s love.
      May God bless you richly and surround you with his protection.

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