Acrid, dense smoke pierced

eyes swollen from exhaustion.

Each breath burned like fire and

took twice as much effort to push

in and out of the body.

Another battle won, yet

victory is not

as sweet as when younger

lips enjoyed it.

Still victory was had.

Looking to the left…darkness

to the right…darkness


How can we take it?

The Dark One does not rest.

He revels in our weakness

using it to pull us away

from our Savior.

The battles weaken us and

He moves in to tempt

showing us the easy path

to take.

Clever to be sure,

 his generosity

is abundant.

Humans cannot resist

for they are weak in their

own strength.

Truths spin through her

mind trying to find root.

Exhaustion and pain make it

difficult for them to find purchase.

“Not more than you can handle…”

“Will not be tempted…”

“Plans to prosper you…”

What is the rest? Why can’t I

remember? So much Evil,

everywhere. Why do they keep

hurting each other? How can you

stand it? How can we

cope? Crumpling to the ground

gasping for clean air, choking sobs

wrack her weakened frame.

Every cell stretch in painful


A battle weary mind and

body, asked to rise and rally

once too often, is ready for rest.

What little strength remained

ebbed slowly from her

as the darkness encroached.

A faint, distant odor caught her attention.

What is that?

Wiping sore eyes, clearing her head,

she inhaled deeply, trying to identify the smell.

She did not choke or sputter; instead, she

exhaled fully expelling the toxic smoke she had

grown accustomed too then inhaled more deeply

than before.

Her scorched lungs and gritty eyes

drank in the sweet,

 moist air usually

experienced after a summer


The darkness receded as a

wisp of pure white mist rode

atop the brackish stream.

In its wake, shimmering waters

clear as crystal flowed toward her.

The view was narrow,

as if looking through

a door only cracked open

a tiny smidgen. Like a child

spying on their parents on

Christmas Eve, she was transfixed.

It was a sliver of Paradise.

A glimpse of Eternity.

The way Creation was intended.

She commanded her senses to

absorbed everything.

Grass as green as emeralds,

grand oaks drinking at the water’s edge,

and flowers of every hue

 danced along the stream’s reach.

Hummingbirds flittered, effortlessly,

from bloom to bloom stealing nectar.

The canopy was alive with the

harmony of every songbird.

Fur covered animals scurried

about with their daily activities.

The sky was so blue, it was almost

painful to look upon.

Every kind of created thing

was living together and no

conflict existed.

She remembered.

She remembered and felt every

single promise strengthen her.

Struggling to her feet,

she stood firm.

Resolute in her determination

and conviction to fulfill her

purpose knowing the

war’s end had already been decided.

The battles of life were fought

by Christ’s warriors if they

choose to fight against the Dark


She remembered, she did not have

to win the war. She just needed to keep fighting the

battles to help others find the Savior’s loving embrace.

One lost child breaks our Savior’s heart so we must work

diligently and write His promises upon our hearts.

“You shall not be given more

than you can handle…with My help.”

“I will not allow you to be tempted

beyond your ability to resist. I will always

give you a way to resist the temptation.”

“My plans are to prosper you…Not to harm you.”

“Yes, I can do all things through

Christ, who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


5 thoughts on “BATTLE WORN

  1. Hi Tina, it is really nice to see again here. I do hope you are doing good. It’s been awhile since I last heard from you.

    May God bless you always my friend.


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