I am the protector of her,
who is the protector of me.
She is the protector of us
but I am the protector of three.

“One day you will be fast friends,
even though you fight today.”
Mother did say.

Absurdity, surely, for how could
I ever get along with her,
with them and them with me?

No, not even close.
We three are one,
but uniquely created.

Each with her own gift.
Personality three
Interests diverse
Life paths, amazingly complex.

A pillar of strength,
Woven with unyielding cords
of love infused with
those who joined in the battle
against the onslaught.

Holding one another aloft
when each fends off that
which would destroy her…them…me.
Strike one, strike all, a force of Love
will defend these three and all to who
they have given their love and loyalty.

Love, laughter, tears, heartache,
I am their protector, they are my
protectors. We are their protectors.

We are Sisters, we three
and cannot
taste defeat alone.
If she is wounded, I bleed.
If my heart breaks, she weeps my tears.
They hold their sweet babe
and my heart bursts with
love and happiness.

My sisters are my friends
and I am theirs.
We gather strength from
the other
and lend abundantly
when she has need.

My Sisters are my heroes,
My champions,
My Heart,
My companions,
My confidants.

Followers of Christ,
Undeniable Faith
in our sweet Savior.
Three sisters do their
best to put each other
to the test as the only
thing that matters
is the embrace we
will share in eternity.

I am her protector,
She is mine,
I am the protector of
three and they are the
protector of me.


12 thoughts on “Protector

    • Awww…Chitra your kind words made me blush. I hope you are well and that this new year holds excitement, success, and joy for you in abundance! May the Lord protect you and yours as you take each step into your future.


    • Thank you so much Tina. I am so glad you liked my writing. I love my sisters greatly and consider them two of my very best friends.
      I have been working diligently on my book so I haven’t been spending as much time here but I miss everyone terribly. I am trying to push to get this book accomplished so the review and edit process can begin. I cannot wait!
      I, too, wish you a glorious year with overflowing blessings! Everyday holds endless possibilities and this year is as good as any to accomplish a few goals. Most importantly, to make others understand how much they are loved and cared about. Be kind to yourself and keep writing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow Tina! You are working on your own book…So happy to hear that :). That sounds exciting! All the best wishes to you for the same.
        God bless your sisters. Thanks always for your encouraging words.
        Will wait for your book release…Take care & keep going!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I have just finished my first final draft and have sent my book to my reviewers so now I can take a breath and wait for their suggestions and then the revision starts. I am so excited that it is finally crossing the first finish line. Wooohooo! It has taken a decade but it is finally at its first goal line. Praise God! Thanks so much for your encouragement!

        Liked by 1 person

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