Love Breathed


More than a decade ago, my handsome nephew wrote an assignment for grade school that was mailed to his grandmother (my mother) and me by my sister, his mother. My mother treasured this writing as much as I did and I still keep in on my refrigerator so that I am reminded of the pure love offered by a child.
My sister, generously, allowed her three kiddos to visit my mother and I every summer. I and my mother had moved about three hours away from them when I took my first teaching position. I always tried to make the time they spent with us the best time ever in an attempt to make up for all the time we didn’t get to see them. My younger sister and her husband moved next to us for a short time so we were privileged to see her four boys grow a bit before they moved far away.
Joshua is my nephew who is the author of the following writing and he is graduating high school this year. He is the youngest son of my eldest sister and I must admit that I spoiled my niece and nephews rotten as I could not love them any more if I were their mother. I love all my nephews and Nieces, very much indeed but this is the only permanent reminder of the innocence expressed when love breathed.
I have not changed his spelling or grammar as it adds to innocence. I hope you enjoy the brief writing as much as I do.



Dear Grandma and Ant Tena,
I love the way you let me and my family come over. I love your food. It Smells good. It tasts good and looks good too. You guys are realy nice and great to me and my family. You are the Best. And you are Aswom.




11 thoughts on “Love Breathed

    • Yes, he is wonderful and had a very rough start to his little life. I have found those who have it particularly difficult become bitter or learn how to love in a very special way. I will pat my own back, I am a good cook, hahahaha! I pray your week is filled with beautiful moments of awe and wonder! Love and hugs to you Inese! Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!!!


      • Sometimes the rough start makes people wonderful, but sometimes, as you say, they grow bitter. Being grateful and mindful, like you nephew, will help him navigate through the life with confidence and cheer.
        Merry Christmas! xx

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    • He is sweet, now a young man. They grow so quickly. I am using my energy to move forward day by day, sometimes moment by moment. You know the journey well, my friend. How have you and your family been?
      Merry Christmas just in case I cannot reach you later. Love and hugs to you Arlene.


      • Love and hugs back to you my friend. We are doing okay, Nissa’s family will be spending Christmas eve and Christmas day here so I am excited to see Nate soon.

        Be well, I am praying for you. a blessed and merry Christmas to you too and your family.

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