Little Sparrow

Tina Blackledge

Little sparrow,
tell me how
you can
sing so

My Father

Your father!
Why you and
not me?

I believe.

Well, not me!
No, not me!
Are you blind?
Can’t you see
the misery?

Blind I am not.
Certainly, I
see all
the insanity
in humanity.

Yet, merrily
you sing from
early morning
till dusk. There
is no reason or trust!

Ah, reason
you say?
What profit
have you
found in
up to

Surely, you
have lost
your little
bird mind!
We have medicine
allowing us to
live longer.
We have technology
that makes our
lives easier.
Why, we even
have places
we live in

Impressive, without doubt!
Then all humanity is happy
and free?

Not… Exactly.
Wait just a darn
minute! You know
full well why
humans struggle
and die.

Yes, I do.
Can you
see what
is truly

Of course I
can, your Father
did us in! He
set us up for
failure then
left us in

Ha! Fool
that you are
it is little
why your kind
cannot see
very far!

Oh really?
Do tell, little
sparrow, why
you are so much
better off than me.

I was created
on day five
to serve as blessing
and to fill the skies.
Every corner of creation
have we taken flight
noticing an ever
growing blight.
Rightly said, Sin
did you all in
but that is not
where it all ends.

You are a silly bird,
falling for these
childish stories.
How does a single
one abate your

Oh man, cannot
you see, there is not
one shred of worry in me!
My Father’s eye is always
upon me and I trust him
with the life he has
given me.

You are a puny little
bird, you have no power,
you have no wealth, no
security, and no assurance.
How can you believe this

If only you could see how
the world appears to me. Then
maybe, just maybe you could
In my flights, here and there,
I cannot help but hear the
cries of terror, pain, and anguish
spreading everywhere.
A plague inching its way
into every home.
The Father made the
ultimate sacrifice to
ensure each of his
children had an
opportunity to
return home.
You rejected him,
scorned, scoffed, slandered,
reviled, repackaged, and recreated
a modern palatable Creator, who
cannot offend any.

By your account
humanity has failed
and there is no hope
left in such a wicked world.

The Father is patient,
forgiving, and loving
beyond all measure
so there is always
reason to hope.

What could I possibly
do, for I am nothing, even
less than you?

No, this is not true.
I have not told you
all there is to know.
The plague of misery
spreads quite easily
there has always been
something extraordinary.
During humanity’s darkest,
most vile moments.
It cannot be seen by
human sight.
No, not from the ground
or a plane in flight.
However, birds have
perfect sight.
In the deepest, darkest nights
where the screams accelerate the blight…
something new grows bright.

What was it? Have we developed a
new weapon?

No…at least not in the
way you imagine. We thought
they were rivers at first but then
came to realize it was hope, kindness and
love being offered to humans during the
very worst times of their lives. It looked as if
a complex network of veins and
capillaries spread everywhere. Nothing
was untouched by this glorious light. It
was coming from believers in Christ
following God’s plan for his or her life.
The Holy Spirit revealed
in acts of love, courage, and compassion
offering salve to those trapped in an evil pit.
There is always hope to defeat shadows. Each human
created is given a task to help those
around you in desperate need, yet often this task
is clouded by greed.

If each one of you

could submit and obey to all the

Father has to say then your

spirit will grow adding

to this wondrous light show.

Matthew 10:29-31


17 thoughts on “Little Sparrow

  1. So happy to see you Tina! I cried reading your poem – not the tears of grief, but hope. Each of us can add to this flow of love, even if it is a tiny drop. Our Father will direct this flow, he won’t forsake us. Thank you for your inspired words, be blessed, Sister!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww, Dearest Inese, I am so pleased you were touched on a soulful level. You are correct, we must do the best we can to improve our little corner of the world because no human can fix the entire world. That is impossible because only the creator has the ability to correct all the mistakes his children have made and to place Satan in the shackles he so richly deserves. I pray God blesses you richly this day and forevermore. Thank you for your kind words. Blessings upon you my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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