Stillness owns the moment,
not a breath spared.
Eyes drunk with spent passion
Searching her lover’s soul
for the unbounded love
he foretold.

creates a mist in the
cool autumn air.

Her lover’s eyes
reflect the brilliant
canopy of stars in the
night sky.

Constellations dance
in the glassy reflection
inviting her to join them.

Smiling mischievously,
he tenderly kissed her
soft, sweet lips.

“I will love you…till my last breath”,
saying with great strength
this proclamation.
“God will bear witness to our
love when we meet in

Melting into his embrace
she held him ever more
tighter than before.
Her mask of strength
betrayed by the tremble
overtaking her body.

Barely beyond a whisper
she spoke,
“Never do I want this
night to end”.

“Oh my darling,
this is but the beginning
of our journey, for we
shall reunite for all
eternity.” Strength filled
confidence punctuated
his promise.

Lost in his adoring gaze,
she felt the truth
of each word
being sewn upon
her heart.

Moments, though fleeting,
of bliss so pure,
love so fierce,
and courage unbounded
gives chase to
the evil
lurking in shadows.

Defiantly, create, collect,
and treasure such moments.


11 thoughts on “DEFIANT LOVE

  1. Tina, you are so right about treasuring and collecting the moments of pure love. I don’t know why, but when I was reading your poem, I though of that poor French man who lost his dear wife in the terror attack.

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