Little Soldier

A little lad barely five
years old stood along
the parade route
on a cold November Morn.

The crowd could not be
called a crowd at all
cause few bothered
to care at all.

Yet, here was little Tommy
wise beyond his years.
Standing straight and
tall. A firm salute, he
held in hopes of honoring
them all.

He wore a cap that was
far too big but he wore it
with pride for the little soldier
he held inside.

Tommy held little interest
in what most five year olds do.
He did not come to see the tanks,
planes, floats, bands,
or fancy dancing horses.

No, Tommy knew it was the brave
men and women who deserved all
his respect so he kept
his salute firm and fast as
each group marched past.

First came the army
led by a huge tank
followed by our brave soldiers
in file and rank.

Next, the Navy men
arrived, the white
uniforms so bright
Tommy had to squint
his eyes!

An old biplane
from the Great War
led the airmen
down this asphalt corridor.

Finally, the ones Tommy
had been waiting for.
Although he loved them all,
it was the Marines, who
inspired him to stand
so tall!

Rounding the corner,
a Bulldog led the pack.
suddenly they stopped,
turning to face the boy,
they returned his salute
in honor of the insignia
adorning his cap.

Turning back around
ever forward do they march
for our freedom
they fight.
Often to the point that
extinguishes their light.

After the last Marine passed
the little lad completed
his salute with a crisp
snap of his hand.

His Daddy had taught him
time and again to show respect
to each and every soldier whenever
he can.

You see, his Daddy
was a Marine who fought
in the Iraqi war. He had served
three tours but couldn’t
make it home from number four.

Tommy looked up and
down the street then asked,
“Mama, why aren’t there
more folks at the parade?”

“Because my sweet darling,
they have forgotten a
very important truth.
Freedom isn’t

Mama took her little soldier’s hand
and they walked with heads
held high to join the celebration.

The Cost is high, indeed, as too many Daddies never see the brave men their little boys will be. Be certain to honor those who made it back and thank them for their service so you and I could practice our freedoms. Freedom is not your birthright as it continues to be fought for by all our brave men and women in all the armed services. Many come home broken with thread bared souls and need our love and respect to heal. Show respect and afford them your gratitude because without freedom, EVERYTHING you enjoy or own would be stolen from you.


21 thoughts on “Little Soldier

  1. As a Veteran I salute all the men and Women who served our great nation!! Women who serve in the military are so often forgotten or ignored. Veterans Day is a work day for me but all Veterans shall be in my heart and prayers.

    Sp4 DeBorah Ann Palmer

    United States Army, 1977 – 1981

    569th PSC Augsburg, Germany

    101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell, KY


  2. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. I personally know a man who had numerous deployments and has lost many close friends. My Dad was a veteran too, barely made it out. A classmate has perished in the battlefield. May we never forget that freedom isn’t free.
    Thank you again for your posts, I pray for your health daily as I pray for my family.
    Have a peaceful day!
    Love, Inese

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