Falling Autumn

Spiraling faster and further
with each revolution.

The darkness below appeared endless
and black as pitch
sending terror throughout.

Days before were spent
enjoying the bright sunlight

An illusion of being stationary
is felt during a time
within the length of descent.

Abruptly, great force drives
me halfway into the ground.

The impact disorients and I
cannot tell if up is down
or down is up.

A speck, nearly too
small to see, plays the
beacon to my waning hope.

So terribly far away.
How can it be so far
from here to there?
How will I return?

Rustling, snorting, chirping,
strange noises from everywhere
and nowhere. Without illumination
silhouettes cannot be determined.

Life, there is life here.
Whether that is good or bad
remains to be learned.

Struggles to move away
from the strange and new sounds
prove hopeless. I am stuck.

Please, please, someone
anyone, help me!

“Child, you are exactly where
you need to be, just
trust me.”

Before another thought could
form, a huge weight pushed
me further into the cold earth.

Next time I opened my eyes,
I could tell time had gone by.
How much time? I cannot say.

I stretched toward the speck I
once spotted only to learn
I had grown taller and the speck
was closer than before.

Days and nights passed
in quick succession bringing
me ever closer to what once
I called a speck.

My time was not without
peril as this and that walked about
A few creatures stopping to take a
nibble here and there while others
only pulled upon my ear.

I was stepped on a time or two and
once the wind blew so fiercely
that I nearly broke in two.

But each year I traveled
closer yet to that beautiful
beckoning “speck”, where light was
abundant and darkness fled.

Finally, when next I
opened my eyes
the light was so bright
and full that the darkness
was a distant, long ago terror.

I had made it back above
the clouds where the sun shown
brightly for all to see
spreading its loving warmth
for you and me.

How did this happen?
How long had it been since
last I set eyes upon my friends?
Looking left and peering right,
I could not discern anything but
brilliant light.

I could hear mumbles here and
there. “Hello, is anyone there”?
I called in earnest.

“I am here, I have always been here.”
The familiar voice soothed.
“I was with you each and
every day. Watching, protecting,
teaching and loving.”

The strength of life coursed through
my body as I soaked in the Son’s rays.

“Father, may I ask, why
did I have to fall?” tentatively
I asked.

“It was your choice”, said He.

“You were curious about the
creatures below even though
I asked you not to go,” he stated.

“Father, I do not recall
anything but the fall,
the darkness,
the years slipping by
until finally reaching
your beautiful light. I saw nothing
as each day was night”, said I.

A warm breeze pushed
the clouds aside.

“Look. Look now and tell me
what you see,” he commanded.

Small specks scurried about
but I could not tell what
they were or where they were
running off too.

Then, as softly as a hummingbird’s
flight, I felt the warmth of pure
delight as a tiny speck far below
stopped to say hello.

I could not hear the words but
the feelings, I felt the intensity of the feelings
coursing through me toward
the Father, King of Kings.
Now, I understood.

Far, far below, a young man
leaned heavily against the
mighty sequoia and talked
to their creator.

Tears flowed silently
down his cheeks as he
stared at the tiny seed
nestled in his palm.

“Father, God, forgive me for my doubt.
You created this magnificent tree
from the wonder of this tiny seed.
How could I ever believe
you wouldn’t take care of me?
Thank you Jesus for choosing
to create me. I promise to do my
best to show others what you
have revealed to me, each
of us were created with purpose.
Yes…both me and this beautiful
old tree.”


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