Starlight, Star Bright

Tina Blackledge

Standing in a silent void
eyes straining to see,
ears trying to hear.


Tentative steps forward
exploring the blackness.
Unclad toes feel the edge


Fear rises within
breathing rapidly
heart pounding in ears.

“Take the step”

Head snaps up
eyes scan everywhere.
A single point of light
no bigger than pinpoint
spanning a far distance
before me.

“Come to me”

Holding my breath
clenching my fists
I take the step and
find solid ground.

“Open your eyes”

Raising my eyes I
see thousands of twinkling
lights all around me
lighting the room in a
magnificent blue hue.
Lush green grass cushion
my weary, battered feet.
My eyes well with unspent tears
seeing him standing there
with outstretched

“I know the way is dark at times
and you are confused and scared
but I am always with you. I am
here waiting for you to take
the next step”

As my savior spoke,
his voice reverberated
within my soul, renewing
and rejuvenating it.

“Keep moving forward,
for there is nothing behind you.”

Turning behind me,
Black as pitch.
Not a single light,
I turn quickly to
take comfort in the
the light in front of me.

“There will always be light
to lead the way but
you may have to look
with your soul instead of
your eyes. My children have created
much darkness but you must
see it with better eyes. Look
at people as I look at them.
You must look through your heart.”

I feel weak and insufficient
to face this task. There is so much evil,
so much suffering, so much injustice that
my spirit becomes burdened. How
can I affect all the bad in the world?

“Child, only I can fix ALL the bad
in the world. You, my darling,
can work on one person at a time.
I have put you exactly where you
need to be at this specific time
to work on softening the hardened
hearts around you. I have blessed you
with eyes that see more than most,
with a heart that feels everything
deeply, and the ability to translate
my love to others. You have
everything you need to conquer the
battles around you but you will never
fight them alone, for my spirit will always
be with you.”

Blinding light begins to expand
from where my Savior stood to
reveal a crystal blue sky
with wispy clouds strung
from horizon to horizon.
A light, tender, voice whispers
to my soul.

“Take the next step. I
have you in my tender care.”


15 thoughts on “Starlight, Star Bright

    • I am overwhelmed by your praise, thank you. Developing a personal relationship with the Savior is so important and I know I would not make it one more day if he did not stand beside me and then carry me when I haven’t the strength left. It means the world to know there is someone who loves us unconditionally no matter what we do. We are all indebted to him and there is no way to repay that debt but we must try by treating others the way he would if he still walked among us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You need not worry, He knows your voice, heart, and soul so he will always find you. He knit you together with love and care for a very specfic reason. Even if you feel you cannot hear his loving voice, he will never leave your side. You do not have conventional conversations with the Lord, no, it has been my experience that he reveals himself in the everyday. The beautiful smile of a child, a lovely flower, a spectacular sun rise or sun set. He is constantly talking to us and all we must do is look around beyond the hardships we are enduring and we will find him there waiting for us to look for him. Blessings of abundance and clarity upon you!

        Liked by 1 person

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