Letting A Piece of Your Heart Go

This piece is inspired by the struggle I felt when I had to re-home my three dogs recently due to declining health. This piece is also inspired by the loving counsel of my big sister, Nancy Honse. Nance had to say good-bye to many Springer spaniels during a toxic divorce so she knew better than most the heartache of losing multiple dogs.

Tina Blackledge

“Do you think dogs remember when you leave them?
Do you think their hearts are as broken as mine?”

A great pause…

“They remember…that you loved them
They remember…the terrific life you gave them.”
They felt your suffering…they knew you could not
care for them anymore.”

Tears flow freely down my cheeks.

“I believe…they hurt to watch you suffer
and they could not do anything to help.
Just like people who are in our lives
for a season, so it is with pets. we help
them for that time too just as they
help us.”


“You took excellent care of them…in giving to them
you gave the most painful care you could have
because you loved them.”

I know why God made you the big sister.

I said good-bye to three wonderful, loving dogs who are listed below.

Holly 5


Tuck up close




They will always occupy a space in
my heart but they are in good
homes with active humans.
I will always miss and love them.
My sister’s words began my healing,
for they spoke directly to my heart
and soul. I can bear my physical
deterioration but my heart has been
broken so many times that I did
not think I would be able to cope
with saying goodbye to my dogs.
I am deeply grateful for my sisters.


9 thoughts on “Letting A Piece of Your Heart Go

  1. Here I am sobbing again. My heart was so broken over you having to give up your fur babies and I know how sad it made you. I’m so glad your sister helped you with her wise counsel. I thank The Lord that they found wonderful homes. God bless you, my dearest friend! ❤️

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    • (((Diane)))),

      I am sorry, for I did not mean to sadden you. My sister’s counsel began the healing process and I wanted to share it with all other animal lovers who may have to say good bye to their furry loved ones. Only someone who has been loved unconditionally by an animal and returned that love could possibly understand the bond. I am doing okay now that I know they are loving homes. I will always miss them but I know in my heart that I did what was best for them. I love you my soul sister. May God bless you richly!


  2. And you truly showed your love by only wanting the best for them – you took the time to find them a good, loving home. It is like cutting pieces of yourself off but I am so glad you had someone to encourage you and counsel with you. You are incredibly brave and truly the best friend of your fur babies.

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    • Thank you. I pray fervently over every decision especially the ones I do not want to make and this seemed the best course of action. Thank you so much for your compassion and understanding.


    • Your words ring true. They are amazing companions that give and give right up till the end. I’ve been blessed to have about a half dozen dogs throughout my life and my heart remembers everyone of them. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts.

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