Tina Blackledge

Eyes so weary, not wanting to open
but the sweet fragrance of lilac
in full bloom tantalizes my
senses. Inhaling deeply
causes a broad smile
to grace my countenance.

I hold the breath as long
as I dare, for I do not
want to let that beauty
escape my body. Alas,
I have no choice and must
exhale slowly.

My arms feel heavy as
I lift one to wipe my
tired eyes. With
great effort I open
my eyes to a flood
of light, which I
must use my hand
to shield the intensity.

My vision begins to adjust
and I immediately conclude
that I am dreaming. Full
lilac bushes fill the boundaries
of this place. The rich colors are
so deep and rich that it makes
their fragrance that much more

As I sit up, a wondrous world
greets and overwhelms my senses.
My resting place is a thick soft bed
of tender new grass.

Delicate hummingbirds flutter about
in their hurried manner collecting
nectar from the abundance
all around me. It is a beautiful
ballet of every kind of amazing
hummingbird God has ever created.
It felt as if I watched them for hours
but I did not feel hot, tired, or hungry.
I looked toward the sun to determine
the passage of time only to discover
it was absent from the sky.
Light was everywhere.

Surveying the area revealed
all manners of creatures and
beautiful fauna filling the
space with indescribable fragrance.

A gentle breeze cause the grass to sway,
the trees leaves to rustle softly, and the
flowers to spread their seed. The seed
glittered like stars in the bright light
creating a wondrous scene of
unfathomable beauty.

Fawns were curled close their mothers,
while new kits danced and hopped to
catch the gleaming seeds. A bunny jumped
into my lap to inspect this strange visitor to
his home. Looking down for the first time,
I noticed I was wearing a dress made of woven
reeds and flowers. It was stunning and
so soft that I had not realized I had
anything on at all. My hand went to
my hair to find it had
been woven intricately
with flowers as well.

My attention returned to the bunny
who was sitting up looking
at me with a cocked head.
Its pink little nose in constant motion
trying to determine exactly what
type of creature I was. I gently
stroked it just behind his right ear
and his left foot began to thump
in tandem. After which, he
promptly scurried away
satisfied I was not a threat.

My eyes followed the little
scamp until I saw a figure
begin to emerge from the haze
surrounded this place. I stood
to get a better view.

My heart began to beat faster
my eyes welled with tears of joy
and my breathing was rapid.

For the figure walking toward
me was my beloved. He was here
I was here, we were here together.
I did not question the impossibility
of the situation; instead, I accepted
it fully.

He stood before me in all his glory
then took me in his arms.
“I have missed you my darling.” his
voice caressed my ears.

He gently wiped my tears that had
begun streaming without my permission
or knowledge.

I caressed his face and lost
myself in his eyes joining his soul.
My lips found his and tasted his
sweet kisses again.

We laid down upon the soft bed of
new grass reintroducing our bodies
to one another. Then we lay embracing one
another neither willing to let go.

I tracing lazy circles on his face
while looking intently into those
beautiful eyes. He knowing that
I was full of questions as to the
whys and how’s of this situation.
Kissing each of my eyes then lingering
upon my lips. He whispered,

“My darling, I will always be
here waiting for you in your dreams.”

No, this cannot be a dream. No!
Just as his words ended, the world
around me began to fall apart, disintegrate.
We held each other tighter but it mattered not,
for he too floated away into oblivion.

I opened my eyes to see the
patterned white ceiling of my
bedroom. I am alone. I am all
alone, forever. I wrap my arms
tightly around myself and
try to escape once again
into the bliss of unconsciousness.


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