Let it Be Me

Tina Blackledge

Teacher, I want to walk
where you lead.
Let me tread in your steps
and I will follow you.

“You do not know
what you are asking.”

Rabbi, I desire to follow your
teachings and lead others to
you. Will you not allow me to
follow you?

“The way is difficult. It overflows
with pain, betrayal,
heartache, persecution,
and sacrifice.”

I will follow you,
even unto death.

The Savior’s eyes well with tears
for he knows that his flock will
be scattered by the wolves
of hardship, pain, disease,
betrayal, weariness and
the ones who are lured
away by the deceiver.

“Child, let me show you
what you are asking”

The air thickens and a dirt path
is revealed. I step forward
to get a closer look.
Foot prints are ground
into the path. Each is more
heavily imprinted at the ball
and toes. The footprints are
stained deeply with blood.

Shadows appear, crowding
each side of the path. The
shadows are spitting, yelling,
and cursing anyone who dares
to tread this path.

“More will be against you
than are for you. Many will
try to make you stumble. And
many will rejoice in your
failure. My enemies will
be your enemies and they
are innumerable.”

Savior, I want to follow you.
I want to do what I was
created to do. Why would
you discourage me to do
what my soul desires?

“I am not discouraging you, child.
I am warning you that the path
is wrought with heartache and pain
and that you must prepare yourself now
for when it happens, your faith will be
tested greatly. The harder your resolve
to stay on the path, the harder the enemy
will try to destroy you. I have given
you all the tools you will need to fight
the battles that are to come. If they hate you
remember, they hated me first. When you
are betrayed, remember I was betrayed too.
When you are beat and mocked unjustly,
remember, I felt the first stings. When you
weep, I will be there to wipe your tears.
I will hold you and love you and remind you
that you are my child and I will always
love you.”

Lead me and I will go.
Let it be me.


16 thoughts on “Let it Be Me

  1. Taking deep breaths and letting your words comfort my soul. You are a wonderful creation of God Tina. Our journeys are not always paved, sometimes they are full of thorns but our attitude towards life counts a lot. Be well and may God’s blessing be with you always.

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  2. We have faced many bitter trials, but He is always there holding our hand. His love gets us through the darkest days and your words always comfort my soul. God bless you!


    • (((Diane)))

      You are correct, the trials have been long and arduous but he will not ask us to walk anywhere alone. He is right there with us each step of the way. He puts people all around us that will love and uplift us and when it is the darkest of all, he will shield us, love us, protect us, and carry us until we can stand again. I am exceedingly grateful that my words bring you comfort.


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