AjayTao (Ajay Mody)

Friends and fellow artists,

There has been increased activity on AjayTao’s social sites. I have attempted repeatedly to reach out to the person using his accounts but they are now moderating my comments so they do not show up on Ajay’s sites.

When I get another email notification from his sites by someone who is unaware of his passing, I now have to go to the blogger’s site to inform them because my comments are being blocked. If this is a loved one or good friend of Ajay’s then I tried to tell the person that they would be welcome here if they just introduced themselves. They will not communicate with me.

I know how difficult it might be to see his avatar pop up in your news feed or email. I know it is difficult for me as each time it happens is like a knife in my heart especially when this person will not communicate with us. If you encounter this person using his accounts, please consider asking them to identify themselves and we will welcome them.

To me, it seems only yesterday that I heard his sweet, loving voice but when I see his avatar pop up it is as if I am seeing a ghost and grief is renewed. Please help me coax this person out into the open. I do not think they mean any harm and that he or she just wants to stay connected to Ajay and that is fine. We could help him or her in this journey but this random appearance is disconcerting and confusing to many here.

Your assistance is very much appreciated.


28 thoughts on “AjayTao (Ajay Mody)

  1. What a kind and compassionate outreach, Tina! I haven’t encountered this individual; but, then, I’m not very active on social media outside the blogging world. I’ll keep an eye out and offer assistance.

    While I miss Ajay’s posts, I feel his loving presence in our hearts. xoxoM

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  2. I wonder if it is Ajay! Do you know for certain is is dead? Not to doubt you but who else had access not his brother his brother barely spoke English! I talked to him a few times and I was wondering if Ajay was just tired . The last email I had from on Aug. 8 for my birthday said that he was growing tired of everyone and everything. I’m curious that’s all! I’m avoiding it when I see it either way I want to remember the good and move on! I think your attempts maybe be futile if you are being blocked! I wish you all the luck and closure!


    • Hello Michelle,

      Yes, I am certain Ajay has died. I would rejoice if he were still with us but, alas, it was not meant to be.

      I am surprised that Ajay had said he was ” tired of everything and everybody”, as that does not sound like him.

      There were many people in Ajay’s life who were computer literate, educated, and spoke English so I am certain that someone could hijack his social sites. As I said in my post, I do not believe this person is trying to be malicious.

      Nevertheless, I apologize if my post bothered you by bringing up sad memories.

      I appreciate you taking the time to respond and I wish you well as you remember the good thoughts of him and move ahead.

      I pray great blessing upon you Michelle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


      • So sorry but it has been hard seeing whoever is doing this. I think at least 2 or 3 times a week I see it and go through the same thing letting go. I just need to be done with it and stop responding and letting this bother me so much! I have a way of holding on to things that need letting go! I am right now! This is the last time I will respond to anything that has to do with him. I guess I feel mislead by him and I’m letting that go now! Blessings to you as well!


      • I understand Michelle. I loved Ajay with my entire heart and soul. He was my first and last love and to lose him so quickly has been difficult. I am sorry there was a disagreement between you before he died.
        I understand how that event would cause so many conflicting emotions and I am truly sorry that you must endure that inner conflict.
        I know that he would have been distressed if he knew that he has caused you so much pain and would remedy the situation if he could.
        I, too, have been upset by seeing this other person using his accounts as it always shocks me to see his avatar pop up. I even considered leaving wordpress but I know that would dismay Ajay. I know if he were here he would be upset that his friends are saddened by his loss as he always wanted those who touched his life to be happy and fulfilled even when disagreements occurred. After all, it is only through disagreements that we stretch and grow. Be well Michelle and know in your heart that Ajay walk up and give you a huge hug and apologize for the pain you have held in your heart over your disagreement.

        Great blessings and peace be upon you dear Michelle. You can always email if you want to talk.


      • Awh you are so sweet. I know you are right. I feel it’s time to let it all go! I kept thinking maybe that person was him and maybe he just took a break. But then that would not be like him! Whoever it is I wish they would stop! That’s just not right! Blessings to you sweet Tina and thank you so much for your kindness! Funny how we hang on to things. You are so kind! 😀

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      • (((Michelle)))),

        I wish you all the best and you have my prayers for overwhelming blessings. I pray in earnest for peace and joy to surround you.

        Just remember not to be too hard on yourself for your heart’s reluctance to let go of things you hold a bit too firmly. When someone leaves loving footprints upon your heart then they cannot be let go, for they have now become part of you forever. You only have to figure out how to allow the good to take up residence and brush the remainder away.

        Blessings upon you!


    • I do not think it would be a crime if they are not trying to profit from his identity. As far as I know the person is not being malicious or using Ajay’s identity to make money. I reject the idea that Ajay is still alive and choosing to deceive all of his friends. That is so far from his character that I cannot accept the possibility. The person who posted the suggestion is both angry and hurt and I am very sorry that they will never be able to reach complete closure with Ajay.

      If it appears this person is trying to benefit from Ajay’s identity then I will report them to the appropriate authorities and contact AJay’s family in order to inform them.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts on this issue.

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      • Yes, That’s a valid point. If the person is trying to gain something using your respected friend’s profile, then it should be considered as a crime.

        Actually I was moved by your post because one of my online friends, a person living in the far east, passed away a year ago. just a few days back I observed that some people are wishing him ‘happy birthday’ as his birthday notification came up on Facebook. 😦 Obviously, they were unaware of the mishap but, still, it hurts. 😦

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      • It does bring pain because right now the loss is so fresh that our grief is re-visited but eventually, hearing or seeing reference to this special person will like a warm blanket on a cold day. So many people come in and out of our lives touching us on different levels and I am truly grateful for them. Yet, it is those who leave the deepest imprint who have brought us the greatest joy whose loss will bring us the greatest pain. Regardless, I try to hold onto the joy as time softens the edges of the loss. I pray your heart will find peace as you say goodbye to your friend. It is a process that takes longer than a moment in time as we try to fit them into the life we must continue to live.

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  3. Tina, this is painful despite the fact that the person might not mean any harm but it would have been better if at least he or she introduce whom he or she is so that ones mind can be at rest that someone is not trying to use his social site on his behalf. Although I am not current much with my social sites but I will try and put my eyes down too. Stay bless Tina although it is a very difficult task to forget but try and think it a little because there are thousands of things that will make you and all of us to always remember him. God’s blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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    • You are right, my friend, it may be time to try to fit him into my memories where he will live forever. I will start to try to associate those reminders with the joy I felt when he was an active part in my life rather than the pain at his loss. Thank you for your counsel. It is appreciated.


    • Nope. I have no idea but I think I’m just got to let it go. If his avatar pops up then I will just associate it with a good memory I have of him instead of focusing on the loss. He has a home in my heart and memory forever and that is where I must keep him.

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  4. I miss Ajay’s posts…It is very sad to lose a very nice and kind blogger like Ajay. Can it be reported to wordpress? I do wonder what the wordpress will do after a blogger passed away. I hope wordpress will not delete his account though. It is always nice to return to his blog to look again all beautiful images that he posted..

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    • Hi there Indah,

      As long as this shadow blog walker isn’t doing anything malicious, then I am just going to let it go. I definitely do want this person to delete any of the vast amounts of information Ajay posted in three or four of his sites. It would be terrible to lose all that research and to lose a place where we can spend time with our friend. Talking it out here with my WP friends has helped me to understand that Ajay must live in my heart and memories and that I must work hard on associating a good memory about Ajay instead of lingering with a feeling of loss every time I see his avatar pop up. I must transform the pain into something like a comfortable, cozy blanket that wraps me in love.


  5. Hearing AjayTao had died I found it quite unsettling getting Likes from his site from time to time since then. Thought it very mysterious but that someone was using gravatar? Didn’t worry afterwards and these have now stopped for a couple of months.

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    • I, too, found it unsettling but now I am trying to attach a wonderful memory to each time I see his name pop up so it will be a pleasant experience rather than a painful one. He was a wonderful soul and would be dismayed if he thought he was bringing pain to anyone.

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  6. I had quite a shock when Ajay’s twitter popped up a little while ago. But it was a spam link so I knew that someone must have gotten a hold on his account. Painful for sure. I really hope this person reads your kind outreach my friend. I am sure that Ajay loves you so much for this, since he was made of light and kindness himself.
    Sending you love and hugz ❤

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    • Your words soothe my soul dearest Patty. Thank you. I never knew two people could love one another so deeply until I met Ajay. I did not think I was capable of allowing someone to love me but Ajay broke all walls I had built to protect my heart. He was a lovely soul and that is what I will cherish. I have hundreds of hours of private messages and emails between us and I re-read them often to maintain our connection. Its amazing really. Our love was shortened, which we knew would happen. I had only hoped that it would have been me that went first but that was not to be so I am trying to honor my promise to him and keep going on without him. He will always be a light for all whose hearts he touched. I am so grateful to him, even in death, he has brought so many lovely people into my life. You are one of them dearest Patty, I am extremely grateful to have you join me upon my path and I upon yours! Blessings to you.

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      • I am grateful too my dear friend. Ajay brought us together. He was such a beautiful soul and will always be missed. But I am certain that he is among us still. How could he be not? He lives in so many hearts. Love never dies my friend. Hugz ❤

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