Heart Song

tropical vista5

Photos courtesy of photostock on Yahoo 2015

Heart Song
Tina Blackledge

This piece is dedicated to my eldest sister and her husband as they quickly approach their first anniversary on May 24th. Congratulations Nance and Joel.

Standing upon sun warmed sand
Crystal blue water softly swirls
to fill the impressions her step

Looking upon the horizon
thoughts wonder to that
wonderful day one year
ago this very day.

Anxiety, nerves, fear, love,
wonder and gratitude ruled the day.
A broad smile reveals the thoughts
occupying her heart and mind. It
was a glorious day but what
captures her thoughts
is the realization that each
day since has shinned
a bit brighter than
its predecessor.

tropical vista4

Minnows tickle her toes
as she sips the robust Jamaican Java
that has taken possession of her taste buds
mingling it’s essence with her own. A
sigh of pure contentment is followed
by the realization of another occupying
this soul-renewing space.

Arms emboldened by love and overflowing
with gentle strength enwraps her waist.
Familiar lips nuzzle words of love into her ear.
His presence melds into her own; hence, his
sudden arrival offers completion rather than
startle. When life’s tasks demand they part it
ignites an unfamiliar, intense longing for his return.

tropical vista2

“Good morning wife” he softly announces.
“Good morning husband” she mirrors his tone.
How many moments expired she did not
know, nor did she care. She could get lost
in his embrace forever and be content. She
was awe struck by the way he turned
a mundane title of social station into a
word of love, praise, and appreciation.
When he said, ‘wife’, it sent shivers throughout
her body as he poured an intense volume of love
into that simple title.
It was a love word burning with passion.
A word that held healing, great honor and respect.

She knew, without doubt, that every time
he uttered this precious title, he was thanking God for
her. She loved him that much more for awakening
this understanding within her heart.

tropical vista3

“I awoke to find you missing from our bed, my love,
and I thought something might be wrong. I see now
that you had an urge to watch the sun rise. I spotted you
here where the ocean kisses the land and my heart caught.
I watched as the brilliant morning rays reached across this
vast ocean to set your auburn crown ablaze with glory.
Woman, you are a rare beauty with a heart to match.
You amaze me every moment of everyday.
How blessed am I that God gifted us to one another?
This past year has been the most wondrous,
miraculous, exhilarating year of my life. I
do not know how it is possible but I feel even more love
for you now than I did when we exchanged vows.
How can one heart hold so much love without exploding?
My darling love, believe me when I tell you,
I did not know happiness and joy before you.
Once you agreed to become part of me
joining my heart and soul
I became the man God
had always intended.
My lips carried praise
as I planted each step toward you.
I praised God, in earnest, for your
willingness to become
my wife, friend, and lover.
Dearheart, you are everything in my life
that I did not realize I was missing.” he confessed to her.

Soft tears ran unabated down his cheeks. She kissed
them away permitting her own to blend with his.
Cupping his countenance, she journeyed to
his soul pouring herself into his loving eyes.
Bathing him with generous kisses,
she took pause upon his lips.
Barely touching the delicate skin,
she teased him with small kisses.

Capturing her love swollen lips with his own
he communicated his need for her. The
beach was empty and it would remain that way as it
was a private bungalow, which had been rented
for them by their families as a second honeymoon.

tropical vista

Another glorious week remained to enjoy this
paradise as they explored the apex of pleasure
offered by one another’s limitless generosity.
Her loving blue eyes drank him in as they
lay there spent and very content. His
adoring gaze met hers as she made lazy
circles with her fingers on his chest.
She laughed when he shivered knowing
her playfulness had caused it. Allowing her
hand to rest upon his heart,
she became entranced by the life
song it played.

“My Love, did you know that our hearts beat
52, 560,000 times throughout a single year?” She asked.
“No, no I can honestly say I did not know that.”
he replied lightly and gave a chuckle.
complete randomness into their
present circumstance.

“Yes, after I read that little morsel of truth I had to admit
that I was not surprised by the astronomical figure.
I know its true because before God brought you to me,
my heart broke a little more with every
beat causing pain and despair. “, she admitted.

“Now, each beat strengthens my heart
and heals my soul.
Its rhythm compliments yours
to create a heavenly melody,
which only we feel and hear.
This is our life song.
A love story that could only
have been given life when
we pledged ourselves to each other.
Strength and fortitude entwine
with love, compassion, and sacrifice becoming
impenetrable to all who would offer ill will.
Unbreakable to all who would dare threaten it.”

“Husband… my darling prince… my soul mate,
I thought it impossible to love you more
but with the steady thrum of our heartbeats,
each passing moment reveals a deeper
layer of love that few ever reach.

I love you, Husband, and I thank God…
and you
for the best year of my existence.
I can hardly contain my excitement
knowing there is so much more to our
story!” smiling mischievously,
she punctuated her statement with
a passionate kiss.


5 thoughts on “Heart Song

  1. A wonderful poem to dedicate to your sister and brother inlaw! I love especially these phrase, Tina:
    “A love story that could only
    have been given life when
    we pledged ourselves to each other.
    Strength and fortitude entwine
    with love, compassion, and sacrifice becoming
    impenetrable to all who would offer ill will.”

    Liked by 1 person

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