Winter Silence

Blue winter moon
Photo credit: Cold companion, ©2006 Retrieved March 1, 2015 on Google search.

Tina Blackledge

Life’s breath embraces
each crystalline fractal
as you exhale into the
moonlit winter night.

Unfathomable treasure
is revealed as pure rays
of light dance gently
upon the freshly
fallen snow.

Each work of
art takes flight upon
this cold night
Ever so gently it
takes its place of honor
among its brothers and sisters.
Each unique and beautiful
but all are one.

Only in the moonlit sky can
the full beauty of winter’s glory
be realized. The light illuminating
each reveals its splendor and perfect
form without causing it to fade.

The noise of humanity is muffled
enabling you to hear beyond
this moment hearing the
whispers of your soul.

A few wayward flakes fall
upon your cheeks and nose
causing a sensation
to rush through your body
as they kiss your warm flesh.
You shiver involuntarily
and thank God for this

This place is reverent as
the entirety of nature
recognizes the solemn
beauty they have been gifted.

A moment of perfection.
A glimpse into paradise.
A gift of splendor and awe to
be savored by all in utter and
complete silence, for God is here.

Your soul is aflame with His
presence allowing you
freedom from the cold.

Offering praise and thanksgiving
you crumple to the bed of snow
thanking Him for gifting you this
moment in time.

You marvel at all that is
occurring within this silent
winter night. Is it possible that
this is the first time your eyes
have seen, your ears have heard,
your mind has thought,
or your heart has felt?

Truly, It must be.
A silent winter’s night
is a gift and an opportunity
to meet your creator so
do not squander those
perfect slices of paradise
we are gifted.

Look, listen, feel to
have each revealed to
you and be filled with
awe, love, and wonder.


5 thoughts on “Winter Silence

    • Dearest Arlene,

      I am very humbled by your generous words. I greatly appreciate your encouragement. It thrills me to know that someone is touched by my writings. Thank you deeply for taking the time to respond. I pray your day is richly blessed with many awe inspiring moments!


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