A Christmas Wish

Although we do not all celebrate Christmas and fewer still understand the meaning behind all the glitz and commercialism, the feeling and spirit embedded within the holiday is what all of us are capable of feeling. Holiday traditions, celebrations with family and friends, and those special moments that create memories whose purpose is to carry us through the hard times ahead are the things that stay with us forever.
However, I am a follower of Christ; therefore, I will be speaking of my beliefs, traditions, and memories that make this time of year an extraordinary time for my loved ones and me. To me, Christmas is all about the celebration of the Savior’s birth who came to save all sinners. Everything else is human bling and commercialism. Nevertheless, family traditions and community celebrations have the potential to provide and spread the original gift Christ gave to all of us who are willing to accept it, love, mercy, forgiveness, sacrifice. The spirit of Christmas lives within us every day but we usually suppress its urgings out of fear of judgment or rejection. That little nagging voice we have that urges us to check in on a neighbor, send a card to someone, visit a person who we know is lonely, or to just shovel the snow from a neighbor’s walk. If we allow ourselves to be led by the spirit then love, joy and peace will be the result. Some cannot hear that little urging at all because they are too consumed with selfish desires or their lives have become so hectic they have become deaf to it altogether. These folks look at that world and blame it for its commercially centered focus. A resounding declaration shouting that they are not going to buy into any of it. In fact, they refuse to get sucked into the melee surrounding Christmas. Of course, this is a major cop-out deflecting the fact they have hardened their own hearts to the point that they cannot see beyond the layers of glitz.
These folks contribute to the very problem they condemn. Instead of adding to the negativity, get out and make a difference, get out there and be an example of the true meaning of Christmas. Disdain and criticism for what we humans have made of our holidays is ludicrous because we have created the situation; hence, we have the power to change it. Peel off the layers of profiteering, economic gain, surplus of unwanted or unneeded gifts, and the over indulgence that marks the season. However, the way in which we downsize our holiday makes a huge difference because we should not make others feel poorly about themselves. After all, being a self-righteous objector only brings scorn and disgust toward you. No one likes to have a mirror held up to illustrate his or her faults. Alternatively, protest the commercialism by providing a quiet example of what the season is really all about. Leave a generous tip to a service provider, hand out a few pairs of warm gloves, hats, or coats to homeless individuals, make and deliver some holiday treats to an elderly neighbor or someone who is all alone. Invite someone you know who has no one to a nice, quiet dinner that doesn’t not have to be the holiday meal. During Christmas and New Years, both depression and suicide rates are extremely high because people feel alone in all the world. Imagine, in a world of 6 billion people there are thousands who have no one to care about them, no one to believe in them, no one to love them.

You and I have the power to make a difference throughout this holiday season and all the year through so please do not sit there in your easy chair and complain about how bad the world has become. Do not shout your protests about the commercialism of the holidays. Instead, act and do something that proves humanity has not lost its soul. I pray each and every one of you have a deeply profound and blessed holiday season. If you believe in the Christ in Christmas then make certain no one can ever question your ability or willingness to live a life that proves it every single day. Of course, we will fail every now and again as we are only human but it is the pursuit that is important, for when we stop trying then Christmas is meaningless and the celebration of the New Year is pointless.
God bless you all richly throughout this season and may he provide his protection and guidance all the year through.


12 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish

  1. Imagine a world where everyone helped a needy person instead of buying the latest outfit to impress someone, or the most toys to your kids? It’s a world I wish I could see just one year before I move on…. Now, wouldn’t that be a very special Christmas!!

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  2. Have you ever seen an Angel? Just stand in front of the mirror dear Tina.
    I was in a convent school & there they use to show a movie before our Christmas Vacation. I have enjoyed all festivals since my childhood. I so believe in all you have written Tina. In whatever way one can, one should never hesitate in being a reason for smile on someones face who really needs it. It really doesn’t take much.
    Another of your great post!

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    • Oh my Tina, I am so humbled by your comments. You are so very sweet, thank you. You are so very wonderful and it makes me overjoyed to know there are souls such as yours out there working toward making a difference. I thank God for you and the way you see the world my dear friend. Merry Christmas and a very, very happy New Year!

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      • It’s the effect of your thoughtful post Tina… that I can’t stop myself to write such comments. Thanks for all the sisterly love you shower upon me. It really feels good to be known as a good person. I pray to God to bless me to stay like this so I keep meeting more people like you in this world.
        I’m just loving Rudolph the red nose reindeer playing everywhere Tina. I kind of start believing in Santa like a little kid during this time of the year…coming from the North pole, fulfilling everyone’s wish & spreading smile on each face.
        A very happy New Year to you Too.
        Smiles 🙂

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  3. The past years since I started blogging I’ve always written about my favorite season of the year, the way we celebrate it in our province when I was a little younger, how we set up our own traditions with my two kids, how to honor Christmas because we are celebrating the child Jesus’ birth. It is sad though that over the years, it has become so commercialized but still, deep in my heart, I believe Christmas is all about love. Today is the start of our nine- day novena till the 24th of December where masses are held at dawn and the night before each day (all because it is not practical for some to attend an early 4am mass). Every Catholic church in our country prepare for this event every year and we call it Simbang Gabi. Our Parish was featured early this morning on a TV program. Funny how you can appreciate more the place where you live when you see it in the eyes of some people.

    Have a BLESSED AND MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family Tina. God bless you always 🙂 May your New year be something you’ll look forward too and may it always be a happy one for you.

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  4. Hi Tina, I’m glad to see you again and have the opportunity to send my best wishes for these holidays.
    Enjoy a happy Christmas with all your loved ones, also with those who are no longer … they are still with us while we remember.
    As always I apologize for the grammar, I trust that you understand me.
    A big hug!!

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