e-mail Change

Hello my friends,

I am having issues with hotmail so please note the change in my email address. Sanitplay@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “e-mail Change

    • Thank you so very much BelĂ©n for the warm wishes! Yes, I have had a very nice and quiet day. I am very blessed with friends and family who make me the wealthiest person in all the world. I have found that it is not so important what you accomplish in your lifetime as it is the people you affect and those you allow to affect you. Its that great dance of intertwined humanity that makes living worth the journey. The end is the same for all but what a wonderfully complex and rich dance you can have along the way if you see the beauty and worth in those around you instead of trying to attain the “golden goose”. I am richly and profoundly blessed by all the wonderful people in my life. I thank you greatly for being one of them!

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      • You’re right Tina, my philosophy of life is very similar … I hope not to have disturbed with my meddling, yesterday saw in my Google+ profile birthday notice in which among others read your name …
        I could not resist and decided to send my congratulations, sometimes I’m a little impulsive;-) but my intentions were the best!
        I also was born in one of those dates “to not forget” …
        Hugs my dear friend.

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      • Oh Dearest BelĂ©n,

        I am humbled and highly honored that you sent your warm birthday wishes to me! I do not consider your greetings meddling at all! I was pleasantly surprised and sincerely felt your love from across the ocean! Thank you so very, very much my dear friend.
        Please, tell me when your birthday is as you said it landed on an unforgettable date!

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      • Thanks Tina, my birthday is a public data, I landed on December 24, on Christmas Eve of 1969 🙂
        My parents gave me the name BelĂ©n, in Spanish it is the town where Jesus was born …
        As you can see, when I said “day to not forget” was not lying.
        Have a nice weekend Tina.

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