To All Whose Primary Language is NOT English

To All the Wonderful Beautiful People whose first language is not English,

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for my ignorance. As I meet more and more people around the world via WP, I realize how hopelessly inadequate my knowledge of the world’s languages truly is. I have come to the horrible realization that I am the fulfillment of the “ugly American” needing others to speak or write in English in order for me to interact with them. I understand some Spanish but, to my severe shame, I have allowed my learning in that one language to lapse. I could not even keep up on one other language and many of you know several. I highly respect and admire each of you and feel honored beyond words when you respond to my posts in English, for not only have you taken the time to read my post but you have learned my language. I am sorely ashamed that most of Americans, including myself, do not bother learning a second language. I humbly apologize for not only my ignorance but also for my fellow Americans.

You are all such wonderful people and I am blessed to know and interact with each and everyone of you! How I wish I could interact with you in your mother tongue. Even the man who stole my heart had to forgive this lapse in my education. I hungered so deeply speak with him in his own language but in his usual generous, loving, forgiving way he tried to assure me that he loved me regardless of my lack of ability to speak his birth language. My WP family is the only way I can still share memories of him and enjoy the outpouring of love and respect all of you had for the greatest man I have ever known.

So, please know that if I do not respond to your posts but I have “liked” them that I would leave a response but I feel ignorant if I cannot respond to you in your language. When I “like” a post, it is truly how I feel and not because you have visited my blog. Thank you all for all your hard work and your captivating thoughts, pictures, words, music, artwork and all other unique ways you choose to express yourselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please forgive me for my ignorance.

In Great Respect,




18 thoughts on “To All Whose Primary Language is NOT English

  1. Magandang umaga Tina. In English that simply means “good morning”. Though we don’t know much of other languages, showing some love and inspiring thoughts is as good as speaking so many languages. Language does not matter much but love does.

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  2. Tina, God spoke this post to your inner being. When we allow God to speak to us and we are ready to obey even when we don’t know the reason, the purpose will be fulfill. This is an excellent post. Most times, due to ignorance we expect others to speak our language and we are not ready to learn other people’s language. I know for sure that we all don’t have equal learning ability but at least if we want to learn we can but we give excuses like the language is very difficult. Outside the language we were born into, every other language is always difficult but there is a wisdom that God has given to each and everyone that if we are ready with time, we will come out speaking the language we feel at the beginning that was difficult. Thank for this reminder. More of God’s blessing to you.

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    • Dear Henry,

      You are correct. I think it should be mandatory that all children learn at least three languages beginning in primary school. Communication is critical and it allows the learner to become familiar with the culture to which it belongs and to respect the differences of others. There would be a great benefit if we could teach our children multiple languages. Thank you so much for your insights and comments! I pray God’s abundant blessings upon you and your family.



  3. English is hard. I believe in the end. All of us need a editor. I do. I have helpful people on other sites who edit my work for me. They are very kind. Blogging doesn’t need to be perfect. Just understood. I enjoy your thoughts and I’m here to learn and become better. I hope.

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  4. I use the Chrome Browser when I go to websites that use different langurs — it translates into English automatically.
    Also, I discovered that one can leave an image when the language barrier is a problem:

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  5. I agree with Margarita, love and kindness have their own language!
    Don’t ever feel sorry for not being able to respond in another language than English. Most people on WordPress use it anyway. And some countries are just different. In Holland we start teaching children English as a second language from the time they are 6 years old. It literally is our second language. I do understand your frustration, my little brother (who’s American) finds it frustrating too that he never learned a second language.
    But you know, you’re never too old to learn! 🙂
    Love & Hugz ❤


    • Oh, I agree about learning another language. I took Spanish in college and did well but let it lapse; however, I have tried to re-ignite what I learned by continuing to practice it via ‘word lingo’, which is a free program via the internet.


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