Standing before your
creator after you
breathe your last
He will ask…

“What did you do with
all I had given you?”

I was sickly all my life!
From childhood my body
betrayed me, twisting,
burning, paining!

Get up, I did.

I grew up in poverty
knowing the taste of hunger
and ridicule.

Get up, I did.

I am a product of a
broken family.
Divorced parents
embittered by love lost.

Get up, I did.

My innocence was stolen
by those meant to
protect me
from the monsters
that lurk in the night.

Get up, I did.

I was bullied all
throughout school.
I was a “retard” because
I had dyslexia and went
to special Ed. classes.
I was introverted
fat, poor, and from a
broken home.
My tormentors were

Get up, I did.

I was the caretaker for
my disabled mother
for 37 years giving
up my mobile years.

Get up, I did.

I followed society’s rules
and went to school
working two jobs but
continue to live
in poverty.

Get up, I did.

You do not have enough
faith so God will not
heal you from your
sickness, I was told
by the church and Christians

Get up, I did.

Accusations and persecutions
for standing up for what is
right, defending others
protecting others cost
me my profession.

Get up, I did.

Obesity and disability made
me a target for socially
sanctioned torture.

Get up, I did.

Uterine pre-cancer
took my dreams of
having a child and
crushed them.
Leaving behind the
unbearable weight
of empty arms.

Get up, I did.

Finally earning a masters
degree but ending up
living on disability, for
my body has finally
worn out after 40 years.
I land back below
the line of poverty.

Get up, I did.

Finding an unexpected
and unsought love
freed my heart and soul.
The only happiness I have
ever known and I am
eternally grateful but
death stole him from me.

Get up, I am.

Every life has hardships.
Every life has heartaches.
Every life has challenges.
You can use them as valid
excuses to stay stuck
where you are in
misery and depression.

Get up, take the next step
so you can stand before your
creator and say,
“My Father Creator, I did all
that you asked. I helped
as many as I could with all
that I was given.”

“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant,
You Offered Me No Excuses.”

27 thoughts on “Excuses

    • (((Diane)))),

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very pleased that my poetry/thoughts speak to your soul. God blesses me richly each and every day as is evidenced by all the wonderful people he gifts me. May God bless you abundantly and lessen your pain burden today! Love to you my soul sister.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much Cecelia. I am soulfully sorry that you can directly relate to the pain illustrated within my work. When you have tasted too much suffering it can turn bitter upon the tongue and within the heart. My prayers to our Creator will be filled with requests of great blessings and peace to you dear, wonderful Cecelia! You are a wonderful young woman who is making a difference in a broken world. May our Creator put people in your life that will aid and support you upon your arduous journey! Many gentle hugs to you.


  1. May God be with you always Tina. This is so touching & inspiring at the same time.
    Please take care of yourself more & more. God bless you.
    I’m short of words just wishing for better things for you with your every step.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Priyanki,

      Thank you so much for your tender kindness! I am grateful you found my work inspiring as that was the goal. I am content with my life and have accepted everything that has and continues to occur. I try to use each experience to gain wisdom and to then help others with what I have learned by overcoming each of the challenges. At the same time, I have also gained loving support from others who have had similar experiences within their own lives. God uses us to answer another’s prayer and he also sends people into our lives to answer our own prayer for help. We only have to listen closely because he never forces us to do anything but gently nudges us in the right direction. Ultimately, it is our choice to hear and obey. God has blessed me richly throughout my life and continues to do so daily. May our Creator God lavish his abundant blessings upon you my dear. Have a wonderful day! Gentle hugs to you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tina, I was moved to read your beautiful poem, I like how you write, your words are perceived much suffering but also hope and acceptance.
    I would like to convey my support and friendship in this day of memories so sad, their absence fills us with sadness.
    All the best.
    (Sorry for my grammatical errors …)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Belén,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am very grateful that you liked my poetry. You are correct, there is much suffering but hope and contentment is in equal measure. Likewise, I have gained wisdom and deep compassion throughout my life’s journey and have met wonderful people along the way, such as you dearest Belén! I am deeply humbled in accepting your support and friendship! Please, do not worry about grammatical errors as my own skills in other languages is horrendous while yours is wonderful! I pray God’s deepest blessings upon you!


      Liked by 1 person

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