Why Am I?

Opening my eyes
greeted by my pups
yapping good morning.

I have to move,
I must get out of bed
and I think, ‘Why again,
did I want dogs?’ but then
their exuberant kisses,
happy eyes and wagging tails
quickly remind me.

I muster my strength
and pull myself to the edge
of the bed, simultaneously
praying for the ability
and offering praise for
each and every inch.

My pups cheer me on
until I am upright
wobbling my way
to the bathroom.

Putting on my robe
releases another round
of barking, but now in urgency.
I move as quickly as
my body will permit.

By the time I hobble my
way to the living room,
start the routine and
hook them to their
leashes they are
dancing in circles.

I grasp the leashes tightly,
grimace at the pain,
then open the door.
They bound outside
to find their favorite
spots then scout out
the yard for nightly
critter activity.

I descend the five steps
that lead to my home
stiff-legged holding
firmly to the leashes.
Walking to my favorite
spot, a lawn chair
providing a picturesque view
between several large,
beautiful trees. Wispy
white clouds are
streaked across the
blue expanse.

I praise God for this gift
and begin thinking. First,
I think of the tasks
that need accomplished,
the tasks that I would
like to accomplish,
and then the ones that will
actually get accomplished.

I dismiss the aches and pains,
and the spasms in my back,
while inspecting the ulcerations
upon my skin.

Now I have time to ponder,
“Why am I?”


4 thoughts on “Why Am I?

  1. My two Persian cats think 3 AM is time for me to get up… I fooled them today, and stayed in bed till 3:45! (All the rest of your meditation above is true for me, too. I learn patience from my cats. I have no choice!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi there,

      Yep, our furry friends give us so much but it was quite ironic that I wrote that entry yesterday because I went to bed a little after 4am but my dogs were so restless that they would not let me sleep so I was back up out of bed at 6:30am. Guess who is sleeping quite soundly right now? Nevertheless, if it were not for my pups I would not have motivation to get out of bed and I would use all my valid excuses to become an invalid sooner than I should. The good thing about living alone is that I can nap when I need too, if the dogs allow me too. I would not trade them for the world and I thank God for them everyday. Nothing beats that unconditional love! Blessings upon you. Have beautiful day.

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