Picture courtesy of Ajaytao.

Picture courtesy of Ajaytao.


A single rose
enrobed in a
sparkling cloak of
morning dew
kissed by the first
rays of the sun.

Purity refracts from
this one to the next
until the entire meadow
is filled with a sea of diamonds.

Weed and flower alike
are gifted this
life sustaining
mixture of
water and light.

Paradise found.
Standing on the periphery
searching in earnest.
Her heart pounds,
breathe, her mind

Lungs ache as she takes
a deep breath of
pure, crisp air.

Eyes begin to well
as their earnest
search reveals
soul-filling beauty
not what she had
come to find.

Crumpling to the ground
heart conflicted
Paradise just beyond

“Please Father, let me in
for I ache to be with
him again. “

One more tear rolls
down her cheek
dropping to add
itself to the
crystalline sea.

“Child, in your
heart, you know
it is not

These words resonate
within every cell.
Nodding, slowly,
accepting this truth.

“The ache is so deep
the loss so complete.
I have forgotten how
to breathe.”

A melodic breeze

caresses her sorrow.
Strong arms
envelope her
she is safe.

“Awaken, beloved
it is time to
live again.”

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