Beyond this Moment

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Look up Child,
I am here.

Do not Despair,
for I have heard
your prayer.

In this moment
there is great sorrow.

I weep for you as you
as you stand against
the pain trying to reach

I am beside you as
you take each step
beyond this moment.

I will carry you when
you haven’t the strength
or will to go on.

Giving up is not an option
Fight against the cruelty
of the night. I will lend
you my might.

Force your lungs to fill
with air. Dictate your
legs to stand. Command
your body, mind, and
spirit to move forward.

There is nothing
left in the past
It has expired and
cannot be changed.
Look toward the next moment
and have faith in my plan.

I did not deliver this pain to
you but if you let me I will
use it to make you shine
in the darkness.

This wound will heal as
all the others have.
Shaping you into
a warrior of faith
and perseverance.

Satan thinks each attack
upon you will be the final
death blow but your
resiliency makes him quiver.
Shivers of fear punctuate
his end knowing every
time a child of mine
makes a stand then
he understands that
he cannot escape his fate.

Move beyond this moment, for
he wants to destroy you.
Stand against the pain.
Stand against the sorrow, for
I am in your every tomorrow.

Look up, Child.
I am here.


13 thoughts on “Beyond this Moment

  1. Tina, I just want to thank you for the good work you are doing for our friend, Ajay. May the Lord protect you, favor you, connect you to your divine helpers and more of His grace upon you and your love ones in the name of Jesus Christ. That is what friendship is all about. There is a saying that, ”protect my house for me is not only the building but everything about the person”. Once again, thank you my friend and keep up the good work.

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  2. Not knowing what happened is indeed maddening. Your comment above . . . AMEN! Missing you Tina. You’ve been in my thoughts. Email me, anxious to hear how you are. Is it icky sticky humid : ) oh how I remember!

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    • Yes, it is humid and the weather has been crazy this summer. I’ve been battling a significant vasculitis flare and some intermitent RA flares and then my heart broke with Ajay’s passing so I haven’t been as active as I like on WordPress. However, coming here gives me comfort, for I feel like we are all one big family who loved Ajay and will miss him terribly. I have been terribly neglectful of the blogs of which I follow but I am attempting to catch up. Blessings upon you Dawn.


  3. Dawn,

    I am glad you are enjoying the photos. One thing is certain, no one can outdo God! He is the master painter and we so richly benefit from his glory. I consider views like these slivers of paradise that he has gifted us. Also, the beautiful soulful hearts that he has brought into my life are a rich blessing.


  4. Dear Tina, Namaskaaram (my respects in Telugu),

    Firstly, nice pictures. Secondly, the poetry is very nice, sensitive and heart-felt. Yours assurance to the child reminds me the great poetry of Sri Ravindranath Tagore, Calcutta, India, where he said, `where the mind is without fear……’.
    yours friendly,


    • Thank you so much dear sir for your kind words. I am not familiar with Sri Ravindranath’s poetry but I will certainly look it up and enjoy it I am certain. Thank you so very much, may God bless you richly sir.


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