Super Moon

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg


4 thoughts on “Super Moon

    • Oh my, I bet it would have been stupendous from the island but I think there is supposed to be another later this year. I was glad that our skies were clear to see it. I usually miss the astronomical events due to cloud cover but this one was very cool too. I loved how the camera picked up on the light beams where the naked eye only saw a bright white globe in the sky.


  1. You captured this beautifully. Stunning shots! It is fascinating to me how the camera picked up the light beams. I bet you were surprised when you looked at your shots! The light beams totally make your shots. Bravo my friend. Blessings in abundance to you Tina.

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  2. Thanks Dawn. I am always surprised what the camera catches that the eye cannot readily see. Believe or not, I took these photos with my tablet! I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination but I love taking pictures of the beauty we are so richly gifted.


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