Torn Asunder…


Sometimes a lifetime
is required to
find another’s
true soul mate.

Two souls meant
for the other
instantly recognize
the other as the
missing half, the one
for which he or she
was created.

The helpmate, the lover,
the friend, the protector,
the servant.

Bliss is found, true happiness
abound. Each moment
spent in one another’s arms
feels as brief as humming bird’s
hover but as intense as a lifetime
spent together.

Each moment is precious, rare,
monumental, for you know time
is very brief for you to spend together.
These two old, wise souls are contained
within middle aged broken bodies.
Both accepting their
care as palliative and not curative.

Lovers lost for so long,
not looking for the other but
stumbling upon the each other
through God’s careful grace.
A great gift given to each,
this precious love
that eludes all speech.

One will lose the other
it is certain to be true.
They treat each embrace,
each soft or passion-filled kiss
as if it is their first…and last.
For only God knows the time
when he calls his child home
knowing one will be left behind
for a longer time.

“let no man tear asunder,” is
the preacher’s warning,
“that which God has joined together”.
But when God calls you home
it is a reward for the one whose
name he whispers, for pain and
tears are left far behind.
The other…left for a time.

Soul mates torn apart is a
woeful process, indeed.
Humanity’s words cannot
express the agony felt
as your friend, companion, and
lover begins to tread on
a road upon which
you cannot follow.

The tearing is audible within
the one left behind.
It is pervasive, complete.
Pushing and pulling air into
one’s lung is herculean effort.
Ripping, gouging, mauling as one
soul is pulled from the other.

They had become one
completely infused within
the other.

Pieces of the one are now
gone forever, leaving behind
an open, raw wound.
Lethal, such a wound be if
perpetrated upon the flesh,
but this is worse yet, for
it will not heal until
they are rejoined.

How can this grief be borne?
How can one survive without
the other? Foreknowledge
this day would arrive provides
no solace, no balm, no salve
for the broken body that now
holds the broken soul
left behind.

Each day, a burden once again,
each moment an eternity,
And yet…memories of that
love so sweet and pure
are bittersweet.
Immense pleasure and
pain simultaneously
coexisting. phasing in
and out of balance.

One in paradise, one left to
live out their lives in hell on
Earth. Why couldn’t time
stand still while they had
one another?

Why? The cry of agony would
have shaken Earth’s foundation,
for many have been
torn and… wait.

Bringing happiness
to one would bring sheer
agony to the other, who
has been waiting.
Time goes forward
and one day
will see both
he and she
back to


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