“Window Shopping”

The warmth of her
chapped face forms
an ice ring upon the glass.

Holiday delicacies
line glass shelves
in neat, long rows.
Fruit and cheese peek
from between the flaky
layers of pastries!

A boy munches happily
as his mother finalizes party
preparations with the owner.

Mouth watering and
tummy rumbling forces her
to tear her eyes away.
Pulling firmly upon the
smaller hand within her own.

The window next reveals a
miniature dollhouse
every detail in place.
Figurines imitating scenes
creating the facade of life.

In the very last window
hung a little white dress with
a puffy long skirt
cinched at the waist with
an evergreen velvet sash.

Her sister’s gasp mirrored
her own inner awe of such
a garment. It was fit for
a princess!
Tissue in hand,
She dabbed at the little
red, runny nose.
Bright crimson cheeks and red
rimmed lips told her that
her small charge was cold and
ready to head home.

“Window shopping”
was their very favorite game.
During the holiday season, this
place seemed magical.
The warm cozy life beyond these
a glass barrier was alluring.

Uneasy glances flashed
annoyance toward her.
She knew their magical time
of pretend was over.

“Paying customers, Only!
shouts the owner. Go
away you little crook!” He
shouts as he pulls her away.
No charity here, shoo, shoo, shoo!

Defiance in her eyes
flash toward the grouchy, nasty man but
then a small tug begins upon her hand.
She turns adjusting her sister’s hat
covering her ears.
She mustered all she had within
then gave a broad smile
while wiping her sister’s nose.
Tugging a hat too small
trying to cover
ears far too cold.

“Stupid old store, stupid old stuff,
who wants all that junk?” she
huffs. Her sister chuckles in response.
Yet, her mind drifts back
to that pretty little dress. She
would be just like a princess!
Having a great pile of presents
and a chocolate in each hand!

NO! chiding herself sternly,
for she has none of these things and still
has traveled down the path of
greed and self-indulgence.
Great shame she feels for allowing the prince of evil
to diminish the abundant blessings she and her
family had already been gifted.

Trudging up the hill,
in knee high snow
she dragged her sister
up toward home. For they
were needed in the kitchen
to help their mom bake.

A delicious smell
of fresh baked bread
Drifted downward toward them
Quickening their steps
as their empty tummies responded
to the lure of the scrumptious, intoxicating scent.

Every year mom baked these loaves with love
hiding a surprise inside.
We would deliver each with giddiness,
for there is little more rewarding
than bringing the twinkle
back to the eye of a soul grown cold.

the most important lesson
chiseled upon the hearts,
Showing compassion, kindness and love
has the power to melt the
coldest heart.

The measures of your resources
the extra coin in your pocket
have little worth
unless you are tuned to hear
whispers shouted from the
Father’s heart.


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