An Ember

knit together in the wombAn ember
a tiny spark of light.
A promise of hope,
life struggles to
form within
the pitch.

A quagmire fortress
within the womb
as sinews and nerves
are knit together.

Random, haphazard
act of chance?
I think not.

Deliberate, folding
weaving, knitting, loving
caring, creating.

Compassion, intelligence,
strength, creativity,
sensitivity, blue eyes,
blond-brown hair, every
molecule in place.

A pause

Except this one. If fixed,
her life will be normal,
Her gifts will not see their full
potential but…
there will be no pain.
There will be no suffering.
There will be no tears
other than those ascribed
to all humans.

In his hand the Creator, God,
holds this last thread of life
pondering, agonizing over the
pain that must be endured if
he does indeed secure it.

It is the final thread
it will pervade every part of
her being but he knows it must be
woven into his daughter.

Embedded within
it begins to attach
itself to every cell within her
her tiny frame.

Eyes dart to her father
searching for
as the first twinge

His tears fill the womb
around her providing
“I will
always be here
little one.”

The task I have set before you
is difficult, for certain.
Yet, you
will not be alone.

Some will choose to help you.
Others will choose to hurt you.
Still, others will want to destroy you.
I will send many to love you, mend you,
open your heart and allow the empathy,
wisdom and clarity of purpose
to be clear.

You, too, will have the choice
to accept this difficult task and
follow the narrow path.
you can choose to follow the world
becoming bitter,
and hateful.

Pain and Suffering will
be your constant companion.
It will take great faith and strength to
see beyond the pain,
beyond the hardships,
beyond the persecution,
and the hatred of the world.

I will never leave you,
I will never abandon you
Your struggles will
be a beacon of light to many
who cannot find their way.

This mantle must be born
during your formation.
Strength, endurance,
faith, empathy, will grow
alongside the suffering.
You will feel everything
with great intensity.

You will have the
ability to see me


if you so choose and
Song birds will serenade you,
the winds of the trees will whisper my
words and encouragement to you.
The skies will light
the with the glory I bestow upon creation.
Your weary spirit will be renewed.
I love you and all my plans
for you are to prosper you and
not harm you.


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