Walking after Midnight…

Have you ever walked barefoot
upon a freshly mown lawn
after midnight?

Taking my dogs out
I decided to forgo the
usual footwear as I had
just showered and was
not intent on leaving my
small cement porch, but
the night’s humidity had been broken
by a recent storm and my mind
drifted to days of childhood.

I descended the steps and trod
upon the soft carpet of grass
heavy with recent rain
adding extra sensation
of exhilaration.

Living in the countryside affords
me the absence of artificial street lamps.
Tonight was black as pitch especially
since the sky held unspent rain clouds.
Slight glimmers of light cast shadows
in the distance due to a neighbor’s lawn decor.

Under the cloak of darkness, I took each step
with great deliberation. I threw caution to the wind,
allowing my three companions to lead
me into this familiar but altogether new experience.
In childhood, I thought nothing of walking, running,
and playing barefoot catching lightening bugs
until parents ended the night’s adventure.

Now, each step was mystical,
so full of meaning and purpose.
The wind caressed my tired body trailing
the length of my nightgown behind me.
I could feel the water droplets
burst under the weight of each of step
while the grass blades bent
gently to accommodate.

I stood there reveling
in the entire experience,
which may seem silly to
most but to me, it was divine.

In my future, a day awaits me
where mobility will be lost. A day
awaits me where I may have to lose
my legs to sustain my life.

Yet, on moonless July night
saturated with moisture,
a precious gift was given me.

I took each step storing a lifetime
of memories and cherished sensations.
I took each step pushing my body to
feel…everything. To record everything,
to love and appreciate the entire experience.
It was a beautiful gift from God and it
all started because I chose not to clad my feet.

The little things, we take for granted, are the most
important gifts from our creator. If you do not know
him, seek him. If you reject his existence, he is still there.
His existence does not depend upon your belief.
If you cannot see and appreciate these tiny moments
of splendor then nothing you achieve in life will
provide fulfillment, satisfaction, or meaning.

Open your spirit and feel. Take off your shoes,
walk upon the wet grass,
feel the wind blow all around you,
breathe in the clean air brought
by the rain. Use your senses to
feel the gifts we are all given.
These are the rarest, most precious
gifts you will ever receive. The only catch,
you have to see them; you have to feel them,
you must know that they exist. Allow your soul
to lead the way because it already knows
where these treasures are hidden.
Just feel…everything.


7 thoughts on “Walking after Midnight…

    • Thank you for your kind words John. I am so grateful that you enjoyed my poetry and I hope it can touch your soul in some manner. Welcome to my blog. You will find it full of a variety of writings as I pour my soul unto the page hoping to inspire, cause pause, view something old as new again, but above all to bring deeper musings about our purpose and place within creation. Blessings upon you sir.


  1. Amazing poetry. I found myself getting lost in your words. At the end I realized I needed to cherish the simple beautiful things in life as I will soon loose my ability to walk also. Blessings in abundance Tina, absolutely beautiful.


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