I pray the Lord my soul to take,
Please, God, let me die before I wake
To heaven you must surely take
my broken body to glory’s gate.

Do not tarry one more night,
when the monster comes
tears to my eyes are sprung.
Please, do not let him have his fun
by causing me to be undone.
The fevers of my illness
make me sore all over and allowing
my submission, for there is no way to fight.
Even if I were not sickly, he is at least
thrice as big as me.
He laughs as he starts his games
because he knows no one will
ever suspect where he will put
his dick.

The poor dear, they say,
this arthritis ravages her body
night and day giving her
no time to play.
The little darling is
even having trouble
walking today.

Her fever will not abate
so to bed she must wait.
Her uncle will come up
throughout the day
to bring her juice and

Oh God, I am nearly eight
surely that is old enough
to get past heaven’s gate.
I do not want to play
his games. I promise to be
good and not make a sound
just please, please let me sleep

She learns to stop the tears.
She learns to close her heart.
She learns this is only the start.
So much has already been taken
but so much more is required that
she will be utterly broken asking God
each day, “Please, Please God
take me home today.”

So much pain, past, present, and future!
How, Lord, How can I endure this
sentence of torture? Is there no end
to this misery? Please, hear my plea,
dearest Father, release me.

Heartbreak, hardship, betrayal
around every corner waits.
Disappointment, broken promises and cruelty served
in generous portions. She tries to protect
others but rejection and pain are the result
Now that she has become an adult.

She understands it was never God’s
plan that she should suffer at another’s hand.
Nor was her body meant to be broken,
but the Lord will use her, in his loving way,
to lead the broken to him in each day.

She has earned the ability to speak the
language of survival. She stands strong
against the crushing current awaiting
their arrival. The masses of lost and broken wash
upon the shore. She takes each one hand in hand until
they are standing at the door. It is their choice to knock and
enter so she can do no more.

Although she knows her purpose, and fulfills her destiny
her heart cannot help but pang for eternity.
When will her work be done? Must she always
be strong, for this waiting is becoming very long.

“Hear me Lord I pray,
I will stay as long as needed, for I know
you have a plan in sight.
Yet, Lord, if it is possible, could you call
me home tonight?
You have blessed my life quite richly
with people whom I love
but can you understand that sometimes,
…I long to see your face? So now I will close
my prayer petitioning for strength,
endurance and grace
so that I might be able to
finish this great race!”

Just tell me that you love me,
and it will be enough, for the one you
have gifted me sets my soul afire freeing it
to soar above all the evils of humanity.

Upon the wing offers the briefest glimpse into eternity,
A broad smile graces your face,
arms opened widely offering an everlasting embrace.



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