God's Glorious Gift
Tina Blackledge

Laying my head in the crook of your shoulder
your protective arm draws me tightly to your side.
It is comforting to be here with you as we look toward
the clouds to find peace and joy.

The breeze is blowing
providing impetus to the shaping

Tumbling, twisting,
wrapping and pushing
and contorting into ever changing shapes.
High topped clouds with slightly gray bottoms
creating an endless depth
to the vast turquoise sky.

A flicker of colorful movement,
too erratic and transitional to be
the progression of cloud movement.

Propping yourself upon one elbow,
you squint in an attempt to
discern the strange phenomenon.
Repeating your movements
brought us eye to eye with
one another, viewing
the changes of this unique formation.

Easily and quickly we dismissed the possibility
that this cloud was a cloud at all.
Directional movements
eliminated that theory.
It was obvious that this was a huge
group of living creatures
moving in our direction.

The noonday sun illuminated the creatures
flying in a haphazard squadron.
We were witnessing the flight of thousands
upon thousands of butterflies.

They danced their way to the tree under which we were resting.
Not a single green leaf could be seen.
No…instead, brilliant purples, blues, yellows, reds, and white
created a living stained glass masterpiece.
Sun rays brought the scene to a crescendo of joyful awe.

Normally, one could not hear the flight of a butterfly
but as they lit upon the tree in mass,
a soft fluttering hum vibrated down the tree,
through the roots and into our beings.
Our souls responded in kind imitating
and repeating the delicate sound
until all of creation was a buzz.
The sensation was marvelous,
enthralling, exhilarating
and certainly a glimpse into paradise.

No words were needed as tears streamed down our cheeks.
Both recognizing the priceless gift we were enjoying.
Laying back in one another’s embrace
our eyes focused on the ballet of
gentle movements each creature created
when it made adjustments to take its rest.
So beautiful, serene, but most of all
we were one with creation
communing with our creator.

A twisting kaleidoscope
changing the scene faster than the
mind could record.
A slight tingling sensation permeated everything,
even the breath we drew was charged.
As the wonder unfolded before us
we knew in that moment
that we were part of something
bigger, something more majestic and powerful than
any human mind could imagine.

We did not clutter our minds with reason, logic
knowledge, wisdom or any other human born
Instead, we let every
cell in our bodies merge with the
wonder around us.

Our souls merged joining
the spiritual dance.
Never was anything like this felt.
Time held no meaning.
Space and objects dissolved
until the ethereal alone existed.

Our spirits had been released
from the broken shells we called bodies.
Freedom…at last…we were free.
Our tasks complete…now our mated
souls could be together forever.



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