slide0065_image088Tina Blackledge

An ember
a tiny spark of light.
A promise of hope,
life struggles to
form within
the pitch.

A quagmire fortress
within the womb
as sinews and nerves
are knit together.

Random, haphazard
act of chance?
I think not.

Deliberate, folding
weaving, knitting, loving
caring, creating.

Compassion, intelligence,
strength, creativity,
sensitivity, blue eyes,
blond-brown hair, every
molecule in place.

Except this one. If fixed,
her life will be normal,
unremarkable, ineffective.
Her gifts will not see their full
potential but there will be no pain.
There will be no suffering. There will
be no tears other than those ascribed
to all humans.

The creator holds this molecule in his hand
pondering, agonizing over the
pain that must be endured.

It is the final thread
woven into his daughter.
A pervasive change overtakes
her tiny frame.
Eyes reaching to her
father for understanding
as the first twinge

His tears fill the womb
solace. I will
always be here
little one.

The work you must do
is difficult,
Never will you be alone.

You will live between the
shadows understanding
both worlds. Your courage and faith
will draw others to the Path.

Suffering is the
language of
You will be fluent.


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