Only a Drop


Tina Blackledge
July 6, 2014

A single dew drop
sits atop
a broad leaf of
a withering plant.

A soft breeze makes
the plant tremble
causing the drop to
begin its trek to
the center.

A Mantis has
taken light upon
the leaf. Using the moonlight
to devour her mate as
his body delivered its seed
to her womb.
Fully satiated she fell
into a deep slumber.

The drop awakened her as it
touched her lips.
She received the nourishment.
It was sweet, it was life, it was
necessary. She takes flight.

The plant’s life force is ebbing
She has used it and discarded it.
It thirsts but she has
taken its water
without thought
or care.

Remains of her mate
have fallen about the
base of the plant
His water may nourish
the plant
enough for it to
hold on to the thin
thread of life that remains.

Leaves that crumble and
fall about its base will have
sacrificed themselves to
give sustenance to its
parent root.

New buds will sprout.
Insects and animals will
nibble upon its fresh growth.
Survival is not guaranteed.

Soon offspring appear and
multiply until there exists
a host of new plants standing
alongside the one.

Invisible amongst
the thick growth
It transforms into
strength and beauty.

Roots begin to dive deeply
into the nutrient rich

The fragile leaves,
the tender stems
strengthen into mighty
branches and a secure

This is no mere plant.
No, this is a great and
mighty Banyan tree!

Its offspring multiple
without halt driving their
roots deeper and deeper
into the earth laying claim.

There is nothing that can
stop the enormity of this
single life force. Its
energy ebbs and flows without
ceasing. Pulsating life, death,
giving, taking, using, pleasing until
nothing else can exist
without its permission.

It welcomes,
it gives, and it sacrifices
all for any who
demonstrate humility. To
take without giving or
to give without taking
is impossible.


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