The Doll

By Tina Blackledge

Discarded, broken
a doll sits crumpled
upside down against
a storm drain.

It has but one arm,
one eye and half
of its hair has been
melted away.

Where is her owner?
Did she lose this
treasure or was it

My eyes scan my
Crumbled buildings,
A bomb out cafe’ sits
on the left. A
hospital up ahead
in ruin.

An eerie silence has befallen
this place. There is no movement,
The absence of life manifests as
grotesque stench in
my nostrils.

Yet, my gaze keeps returning
to the doll standing upon its

I walk between the night and
the day. Twilight, where
all things drain of their
color and are awash with grey.

The doll is stuck
in the drain. Resisting
my efforts to free it.
One last pull
reveals a tiny
grey hand grasping
tightly to the dolls leg.

I freeze in horror.
My mind cannot process
the madness that my
eyes are recording.
Eternity passes.

What did this child
do to deserve this end?
How could anyone justify
this act, so dark, so

I begin to tremble
I am brought to my knees with
a broken heart
and a
crushed spirit.

How can this be endured?
How can this be accepted?
Has all the world gone mad?
Did no one hear this child’s cry?
Did no one see this child
struggle whilst she took
her last breath?


Release us all from these
broken shells, for
humanity has learned
nothing in all these years.
Blinded to the suffering
knocking upon
the threshold.

before we humans
a greater evil than
this…this town
called Hiroshima.


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