Tina Blackledge

Little one.
Hey there…little love
it is time to wake.

Come out…
you are safe.
I will protect you.
Please…take a peek.

One tiny black eye
then the other.

Hello, my little
darling. Welcome,
welcome to your life.

The eyes seem oversized
for its tiny fur covered face.
They sparkle with intense

“Yes,” she motions
all of this is yours.
Come out.
We have been
waiting for you.

The tiny creature yawned mightily,
showing small teeth used for
munching vegetation.

She holds her cupped hands out in
expectation. The creature hops
into the open vessel.

She is certain she has
never felt such
luxuriously soft

It cocked its head
at each of the new
sounds filtering
through its oversized ears.

It’s silver fur shone
brightly in the intensity
of the moonlight.

A small purring and clicking
noise began low from the
creature in her hands.

A chorus of fluid
melody was
given in answer
throughout the glade.
Thousands of voices
from everywhere.

The sound sent trills throughout
every cell in her body.
She always loved this
first awakening.

The little one
gave a hardy reply
then the entire glade
trembled in melodic

Light radiated from
the tiny one
spreading throughout
he, down through
her feet, into every vine,
every root, traveling up
every blade of grass,
stem and tree until
light burst into the

Everything a glitter.
Time stands still
every particle suspended
Wave after wave of
power burst into the sky
adding energy to all it

The little one has awakened
and with it


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