Tina Blackledge

Delicate pale blue blossoms
lift joining their siblings
weaving long strands
giving form
to the strong
summer breeze.

Delicate fragrance
tickles the nose
enticing all to
take notice

Birth of curiosity
of wonder
of awe.

Eyes drawn upward
met by the applause of the
trees dancing in the

Soft moss underfoot
cushions each step
toward the brook.

Moonlight kisses
the surface of the
clear water reflecting
the power held in
the stars.

Standing upon the edge
her shift piling around her feet.
Stepping into the water
reveals it deeper than
it first appeared.
Barely the water
lifts the breasts.
Cupping waterfalls over
head and shoulders.

Power infuses
water cleanses

Grace guides
her steps firmly upon
the bank

She spreads her shift out
upon the soft bed of moss
Taking rest upon her

Moonlight bathes her anew
as each droplet sparkles
in her hair, upon her lips
over her skin.

Her breath is visible in
the night air but
she feels no cold.

Soon her breathing
signals the rhythm of sleep
Stirring only slightly
as the stag standing
on the opposite bank
snorts loudly in
warning to all
who dare

He watches.
He protects.
He will defend
to his last breath.


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