Tina Blackledge

Firm and binding
a cocoon of protection.

Delicate with a fragile strength
slumbering unaware

Tiny tremors caress
her awake

Appearing all around,
a network of spider web cracks
filter life light

tentatively she reaches toward
the sparkling wonder.

Warmth, tingling,

Her barrier, her protector
revealed a prison.

Up, she reaches
suffocation is imminent.
Push harder, faster
through the obstacle
up, up, ah.

Deeply inhale
let it go.


A stirring, a heaviness
Building, multiplying

Layer upon layer
each within a hidden

Stronger, taller,

Amid weeds,
she stands tall
a beacon of hope
among the hate and

Beauty within bleak despair.
calling to her brothers
and sisters.

Soft and delicate
strong and fierce

Cool morning dew
washes her sensuous

millions of tiny prisms reflecting
the Sun’s kiss upon her tender flesh.

Softly, tenderly
his warmth pulls back her garment of

deep kisses coaxing
each petal to reveal its

layer upon layer bend
to his expertise
She is glory.

Existence pauses
basking in her beauty

Silky pink layers
piled atop the other
trimmed with the deepest of

Her fragrance is
the spark of life
hanging heavily in the

Her purpose

She will light the way
allowing her spirit
to taste

Brothers, Sisters
Join me, traverse
your fear, conquer
your pain, stand

To fall, one must
let go.

Only then will our
protective prisons
dissolve into ruin.




12 thoughts on “REACH

  1. A very sensual take on Nature, Her bounty, and His sun.
    The climax… er, yes. I rather like the way you finished up. 😉
    Wet amongst the ruins. No better place to fall and petrify.


    • All areas of life have within them degrees of all emotions. One only needs to look beyond the surface in order to explore the spectrum of feelings, which are available to all. The only thing with which we must take great care of is the proportion to which we feel each emotion and the appropriateness of that sensation at the time. We are all sensual beings but some have misused this information or, perhaps worse yet, not used it at all living a waking death. Thank you for your appreciation of my work.


    • Thank you Chitra! Welcome, I hope you find something here that gives you at least one moment of inspiration. My blog is very diverse as I view it as my soul being poured out unto the world. The raw emotions of pain, love, faith and the beauty held within creation. I am honored to know you and look forward to learning much from your blog. Oh, by the way, I just adore your name. It is so musical and lovely. Mine is terribly ordinary but that is fine too as I am terribly ordinary!


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