An Answer to the Question (pt3)

An Answer to the Question
Tina Blackledge
June 14, 2014

They had always known their
time together would be short.
There are no illusions when two Autumns
meet and fall in love.
They found one through impossible
obstacles and neither was looking
for romantic love. Hence,
they were certain their meeting
was God ordained.

As they worked in the garden,
tending to the beautiful spring
blossoms, each caught the other
staring. Smiles of love and understanding
graced their worn countenance.

Every now and again, he would come up
behind her and embrace her. Whispering
sweet words of love. He drew long breaths
of her scent every time they were close as if
he was trying imprint every detail of her into
his being forever.

Ever since they had fallen in love, time seemed to
disobey the laws of nature speeding
through their lives like rushing water over rapids.
After the diagnoses, time had stopped, for they refused to count the
days or hours they may or may not have left.
They only wanted to enjoy each other and the
pure happiness they had been given. Her husband demanded they
not give any time to regret or wishing for something
that could not be, for that would only make the
days, weeks, years they had left unbearable. No his wife fully
agreed. No mourning, for neither was dead so they must live
each day as if it was a lifetime in and of itself. Even before the illness,
They had devoted themselves to living life that way, for both
were living in broken shells and no one knew how much time they
would be given so they vowed to make the most of it.

Two people could never have loved as fiercely
and completely as these two lovers. They knew what was
important in their relationship. They fully understood where
the priorities of life should be; therefore, there was no
need to waste time on trivialities. Things most
couples would dwell upon and allow to
ruin their happiness or worse, intrude on their love.

Just then she heard him move to her
then felt his strong loving arms around her and
she leaned into his strength.
“My sweet darling, you are beauty itself,” he whispered softly.
She loved when he touched her, for he ignited every cell in her body.
He was so loving and generous in spirit to her that she
fell in love with anew every day. She did not deserve his
devoted love but she relished and craved it beyond the
very air she breathed. Her heart broke for him, for she
saw the suffering in his eyes. Secretly, she was glad
it would be her who was first to leave her broken body behind.
She could not bear him dying before her but her heart did break for his
loss. She wished they had more time but they did not so they had to
make every moment count.

“Dearheart, may I ask you, why me? Why did you
choose to love me?” I posed. “I am nothing. I
possess no beauty. I possess only sickness and a
broken body. How could you choose to love me above
all others?” I continued. His nuzzling of my ear stopped
abruptly. His body stiffened and I knew I had wounded him
with my questions. To my surprise, he spun me around to face
his piercing stare making the flowerpot I was holding drop and shatter.
“How do you not know by now how madly I love you?” he said with
tears in his eyes. Seeing the hurt I had caused made me feel
instantly remorseful for the careless words I had uttered.

I averted my eyes, for I could not bear seeing the pain I had caused him.

Yet, he would not allow it and gently but firmly, turned my head to meet his gaze again.
Love and adoration had replaced the hurt I had just seen causing tears to sting my eyes.

“Beloved, if I had but one word to describe beauty, I would use it to speak your name.
Your soul shines so brightly to all those around you that everything else pales in
comparison. As you have said many times, these broken bodies of ours hold
no meaning. Their only purpose is to be a vessel for the soul and they have fulfilled
this task greatly. It is our souls that found one another; it is our souls that joined. Death cannot
separate us, for the spirit never dies.” he said with great authority.
I knew his words were true and felt deep regret that I was careless with my own. I brushed
my lips against his then captured one then the other until our passion grew.

Laying in bed, embracing one anothers love they
loved each other, held each other, until sleep finally
knocked. Their lovemaking was always extraordinary, but this was truly
magnificent and fulfilling for both of them. Her husband gathered her
tightly in his embrace and she snuggled into his chest where the beat of
his heart lulled her into a deep steady sleep. He watched her sleep for
as long as he could keep his eyes open. Finally, he succumb to exhaustion
falling fast asleep.

This was their last night together but they
did not know it.
This was their final lovemaking but they
did not know it.
This was the last time he would hold her in his arms
but he did not know it.
So they enjoyed each other thoroughly,
loved each other, shared in each other’s delights, confessed all
their love to one another as if this was their final moment together as they always did.
Love cannot be bound by human finite parameters. Love
is eternal, love is enduring, Love is steadfast and love is wisdom
if you have found your soul mate.



5 thoughts on “An Answer to the Question (pt3)

  1. This work is excruciating and exhilarating all at the same time. As the reader, we are never completely certain if the writer is an observer of the story, or retelling their own story, but ultimately it doesn’t seem to matter which is true. The telling of the story, the revelation of the exquisite pain that accompanies the extraordinary love, the finitude juxtaposed with the eternal–all of it–points to the spirit of humanity–the eternal aspect of our temporal existence.

    There is a potency to the core from which this work springs that I find enormously appealing, and your acknowledgement of how your “heart rules (you),” feels more like a signpost for us to follow to that core, than it does an admission of what inspires you. These words describe a great deal more than an extraordinary love. They reveal a compassionate heart, a keen intellect, and the soul of an artist, who weaves words together as if they always belonged together.

    I am delighted to share in such exhilaration; I find myself stung by the pain, as it is a pain that I know well, and I am reassured by your kindness in acknowledging a connection to my words, as it is always my hope to strike just such a chord with such souls as yours.

    Warm regards…..John H.


    • I am humbled by your eloquent praises, John. I, too, was intrigued by your insightful words in response to one of Ajaytao’s posts, who is also a good soul. That led me to your blog where I was thrilled and dumbfounded by the quantity and quality of your work. It will take me many a day to get through it all but I am happiest when my mind is being engaged and my soul being fed. As for my writings, they are usually a mixture of what has happened, what is happening, and what I know will happen with a bit of unknown sprinkled here and there. When we allow our souls to use our bodies to communicate then I think we end up with a product that can satisfy ourselves, even if no other finds value in the work. Thank you for your kindness and generous praise. I hope I can continue to provide works that will entice your intellectual senses.


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