A Question…pt1

A Question…

Trembling over takes him,
he falls upon his knees
gripping her hand gently.

Looking into her eyes.
He gains confidence over his fears
through the love he sees reflected there.

All time has stopped
as if waiting for this one monumental
event, which both know will change everything.

“Dearheart…” he begins with confidence.
“Happiness, joy and love were mere words,
just vague and unattainable ideas before,
God sent you into my life.”

Her tears cascaded freely down her burning
cheeks but she could not tear her gaze from his. She
was his and she knew life could not exist without him.

“My dearest, you loved me when my heart was hardened. I
pinch myself everyday just to make sure this isn’t some
wonderfully surreal dream. I actively pushed love away, for I
knew that I did not deserve it.”, he confessed.

She wanted to scoop him up in her protective arms and
reassure him of her love and her willingness to give
to him all she had and more
but knew she must allow him to speak his heart.

“I am still awestruck…completely befuddled at how you
managed to get past all my walls of protection!” his voice full of
Awe and respect. His look of devotion and love nearly sent a new wave
of tears down her face but she gathered strength from his own.

“Daily, I discover myself through your eyes because that is
the person I want to be. Your lovely smile brightens my day
and the thought of you drives me to distraction. My life will never
be the same after this moment.”, his voice deep with emotion.

“Will you allow me to protect you?
Will you permit me to share your pain?
Will you give me the supreme honor of
lending you the strength you need?
Will you accept that I will need to lean on
your love and strength at times?
Will you allow only my love to pleasure you,
forsaking all others while there is breath in my body?
Will you be willing to meet me in
paradise when the moment comes?
And finally, will you consent to
giving me the right to call you my… wife?”

Her emotions overwhelmed her now
and she joined her lover upon her knees.
Their eyes never left one another. His emotions were
standing at the cusp of pure joy and utter despair as he
awaited her response.

“Do you not know, my sweet darling man…?
Do you not yet understand…?
Every breath I take is you. You
are the reason I open my eyes, you
are happiness, you are love, you are my life.
I would be honored to call you… husband.” she
whispered to him, for her voice was weak with emotions.

He gently cupped her face drawing her to him
until they were inches from one another. His eyes fixed upon
her lips but looking back to her he asked, “May I…?”
She smiled so broadly that her eyes shone their delight.
“Yes please, my dearheart.” she permitted.

He slowly brushed his lips to hers then infused the kiss
with all the mixed up emotions
this night had wrung from him.
She returned his
love with all due vigor and in it the promise was made.


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