by Tina Blackledge

I never knew the sweetness
     of each breath until you
    embodied the air that I breathe.

My blood had become stagnate within my
veins until you willed it to pulse with
the power of the fierce Ganges.

My soul had been imprisoned
in the darkness until
you freed it from a prison
of my own creation.

As the magnificent Eagle,
my spirit soars above the heavenly
heights of the Himalayas
to taste true freedom.
Never will my feet
touch the ground again.

Your love has removed the veil
of darkness from my countenance
and your glory shines so brightly
through me that

it can be seen from another universe
as the brightest star that has
ever occupied the night sky.

Life had been a burden to be endured
until you came to lift it from my
weak frame.

The heat of our embrace
sets fire to my soul and I
languish in the torment of your
tender kisses.

You are my beloved,
I am yours, now and
forever more.