For All Mothers

God Sent
Tina Blackledge

“My love,” she whispers
as she gently places a loving
hand upon her

Hearing emotion in her voice,
He turns to meet
her gaze.

His concern turns to wonder
and awe as his eyes move
from where her hand rests to
eyes brimming with joy.

Words are not needed
to convey the miracle
they have been given.

Yet, both pour out their love
punctuated with tender kisses
and jubilant smiles.

Moments turn to days
and days turn to months.

His ear presses firmly to her
listening to their child.
Feeling the life move
just beneath the surface.

His hands comfort her as the time
draws near. Massaging
weary muscles
kneading love into her soul.

Everything is ready,
the nursery awaits
the seed of their

Fear and excitement mark
the beginning of his arrival.

He feels helpless…unable to
ease the pain this
miracle requires.

He holds tightly to her exhausted
frame, for she is spent.
Lending his strength
speaking soft comforts to her.

One final push,
brings a family

His wails bring a wave of
laughter and tears.

Her lover and friend,
washes her anew
with tender kisses
as their son is prepared.

For the first time,
her arms are
burdened by a
glorious weight.

Their son is so…


“Hello, I’m Mommy and
this is your Daddy,” she whispers.

Then she kisses her child
for the first time
the bond is set




2 thoughts on “For All Mothers

    • Thank you, Dearest (((Diane))) and Happy Mother’s Day. I pray your children lavish you with such an abundance of love and adoration that you will hardly be able to bear it. Much Love to you, my friend.


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