Soul Mates

Soul Mates
Tina Blackledge

His body glistens as

he lies beside me.

The gentle touch of his

hand tracing my frame

soothes away the fear,

soothes away the pain.

I look deeply into his eyes

and find myself reflected

in his heart of hearts.

The pulse of life courses

under hand as I rest

mine upon his neck.

He whispers ever so gently

words I cannot comprehend.

“You are so beautiful,

I love you so deeply

my heart aches.”

My eyes well

with hope and fear.

How could anyone ever love me?

I am nothing,

I am broken,

I am refuse.

My body stiffens

as he draws me closer.

Softly, gently, our lips brush

then he kisses the tears from my eyes.

“Please my love,

look at me.”

I open my eyes to be drawn into his own.

Love, tender sweet love.

Tears stream freely now

he cradles me in his strength.

His lips grace my ear

as he whispers,

” You are my only love.

I will always protect you

never will I hurt you

or break your trust.

My dearest love,

we have become one.”

His words mend my


I am his



he is




Tina Blackledge

Can you hear me?

My soul longs for your
My soul cries from the

Can you hear me?

A moment without
Pain, I have never known.
He shares my bed
His grasp is
firm as we
hand in hand.

Can you hear me?

Brokenness betrays me,
others have torn my flesh.
A burning ocean courses within.
My bones cry to you. Searing,
ragged breaths push
in and out.
but I cannot fill my lungs.

Can you hear me?

From the womb
I was broken.
from the womb I was

Can you hear me?

How can I bear any more?
How can I love?
How can I allow others to love me?
How can I bear it?

Can you hear me?

“I hear you, child.”
“The task is difficult and
the journey is… far.
I hear
the whispers of your

Do you hear me, Child?

“While pain is your bedfellow
and imprisons your
body. I hold you
gently, firmly, lovingly.
Pain will release you
and then I will cradle you in my embrace

Do you hear me, child?

“Your body is broken,
your flesh has been torn,
your heart has been broken,
your spirit has been crushed.
Your being cries out to me and
I weep bitterly for you.”

Do you hear me, child?

“I will gently kiss your
wounds as softly as the flight
of a butterfly and
caress the brokenness till
it is no more. I will
make you whole. “

Do you hear me, child?

“I knit you together,
I created your vessel
to carry my love to
the broken. My dearest,
I know what I ask
is unbearable but I will
be there with you. I have always been there.
I will provide for your
every need. I will send others to strengthen
and not take from you. I knit you
together with great care. I knit you
together with great purpose. I knit you together
in a way that will allow your loving words and actions to be
heard and seen by those lost in their misery, for if you had been whole,
they could not hear you.”

Do you hear me, child?

“I have instructed many
to come
to your aid, but not all
hear and obey. Yet, some have.
Others will come to help carry
the burdens just as you help others
carry their sorrow and hardships.
You are not alone, child. I love you more
than you can possibly understand and I will
never hurt you, abandon you, or cause any
harm to you.”

Child, do you hear me?

“I love you with
all my

I…I...hear you, Father. I hear
you…send me
and I will