What God has joined…

What God has joined…
Tina Blackledge

May 20, 2011

We are created
being part of a whole.

Souls search for their mate.
Finding one another
sets the unbreakable bond.

Both willingly
abandon self to become
one whole.

The bond is set.

Love grows beyond
the confines of human

The bond is set.

What God has joined together, let
no man put asunder.”
A greater weight than
the words entail is held.

The bond is set

No power on Earth or in Hell can
break it.

The bond is set.

Devotion to God first,
and each other second.

The bond is set.

This is the secret.

The  Bond is set.


by Tina Blackledge

I never knew the sweetness
     of each breath until you
    embodied the air that I breathe.

My blood had become stagnate within my
veins until you willed it to pulse with
the power of the fierce Ganges.

My soul had been imprisoned
in the darkness until
you freed it from a prison
of my own creation.

As the magnificent Eagle,
my spirit soars above the heavenly
heights of the Himalayas
to taste true freedom.
Never will my feet
touch the ground again.

Your love has removed the veil
of darkness from my countenance
and your glory shines so brightly
through me that

it can be seen from another universe
as the brightest star that has
ever occupied the night sky.

Life had been a burden to be endured
until you came to lift it from my
weak frame.

The heat of our embrace
sets fire to my soul and I
languish in the torment of your
tender kisses.

You are my beloved,
I am yours, now and
forever more.

For All Mothers

God Sent
Tina Blackledge

“My love,” she whispers
as she gently places a loving
hand upon her

Hearing emotion in her voice,
He turns to meet
her gaze.

His concern turns to wonder
and awe as his eyes move
from where her hand rests to
eyes brimming with joy.

Words are not needed
to convey the miracle
they have been given.

Yet, both pour out their love
punctuated with tender kisses
and jubilant smiles.

Moments turn to days
and days turn to months.

His ear presses firmly to her
listening to their child.
Feeling the life move
just beneath the surface.

His hands comfort her as the time
draws near. Massaging
weary muscles
kneading love into her soul.

Everything is ready,
the nursery awaits
the seed of their

Fear and excitement mark
the beginning of his arrival.

He feels helpless…unable to
ease the pain this
miracle requires.

He holds tightly to her exhausted
frame, for she is spent.
Lending his strength
speaking soft comforts to her.

One final push,
brings a family

His wails bring a wave of
laughter and tears.

Her lover and friend,
washes her anew
with tender kisses
as their son is prepared.

For the first time,
her arms are
burdened by a
glorious weight.

Their son is so…


“Hello, I’m Mommy and
this is your Daddy,” she whispers.

Then she kisses her child
for the first time
the bond is set



For my sister and her future husband

For the Bride and her Groom
Tina Blackledge

The sun peaks above the horizon.

signaling the dawn of this special day.

He loves her, she ponders as she lies in bed.

As she praises God for the happiness he has gifted her,

butterflies flutter their way through her body.

Joy, love and fear compete for her attention.

Glancing slightly left she admires the gown

that will make her feel like a princess

this day.

Fear quickly turns to excitement

and she pushes herself from her bed.

The itinerary for the day’s event runs through her mind

as she prepares to be bombarded by her loved ones

eager to make this day memorable.

A knock at the door

signals a flurry of activity in preparation for her prince.

She loves him, he ponders

with a mix of excitement and fear.

Staring at the empty space beside him,

a broad and loving smile graces his countenance.

Never again will he wake

in a bed empty of love.

A persistent computerized tone

jars him to attention

as his family begins to call.

His friends and brothers

burst into the room to prepare him for his princess.

His joy and nervousness cannot be contained

it bubbles over as rapid fire stories to the kin that aid him now.

She is ready. She is beautiful.

Her long amber hair piled in tight ribbons atop her head,

The gown hugging her curves

in an elegantly modest fashion

accentuates the beauty within her heart.

Tears of happiness and joy

threaten to spoil the well laid preparations.

Tender hugs and loving words

are showered upon her as the ladies fuss here and there

around and about her ensuring each detail is firmly in place.

She gazes at her reflection and feels very beautiful.

He is ready.

The suit he has chosen adorns him with strength and masculinity.

He is so handsome.

He radiates joy and love for his princess

and the room is filled to the rafters with delight.

Good natured jokes and slaps of congratulations

upon the back help the men hold their emotions in check.

It will work for now as they have not had a glimpse of his soul mate.

Voices in the hall signal the beginning of the event.

Many a footfall can be heard just outside the bride’s door.

Her heart quickens and her breath catches

as she hears her love

just beyond the thin barrier.

He loves her, she feels.

A few moments pass then the knock at her door arrives.

“We are ready for you, my dear.”

All the ladies deliberately avoid eye contact

for they know the joyful tears will not be held back.

Instead, they focus on the task at hand,

getting the bride to her groom.

All in their place,

The Groom stands proud and tall looking handsome,

if just a bit nervous.

The bride stands arm in arm with her two sons

just beyond the chapel doors.

Her sons cannot believe

that the woman whose arms they cradle

in nervous anticipation,

has transformed into the glory they see beside them.

She tells each of her children how much she loves them

and they return her affection in earnest.

Her eldest, a daughter, serves as her matron of honor.

And now turns to take her place

as first in line.

The anticipation is as tense as lighting

is before the strike.

The procession begins and the chapel doors are opened wide.

The matron of honor walks in step carefully,

for she is heavy with child.

The wedding guests stand and turn to greet

the bride as the wedding march begins.

The Groom’s knees feel weak as he waits,

then the world stands still as

the bride steps into the room.

She loves…me.

His breath is stolen as her glory fills the room.

A quiet tear escapes his control.

She loves…me.

The bride is given to her groom and for a moment,

it feels as if they are the only two in the room.

Their eyes lock,

He loves…me.

He is so magnificent.

He is so beautiful.

The adoration he holds in his gaze

washes over her and she is nearly overcome by the intensity of it.

He loves …me.

Their attention is drawn back to the ceremony as the

pastor asks of their commitment.

Promises are made,

I love you…wife.

I love you …husband.

Rings are exchanged and the two lost souls become one whole.

The groom tenderly kisses his new wife.

The wife returns her husband’s loving kiss.

Joy explodes throughout the room

Husband and wife, for now

and evermore

lovers, friends…Soul Mates.

All my love Sis and future brother-in-law.