Red Beauty

Red Beauty


6 thoughts on “Red Beauty

    • Hello,

      Ajay had suggested I take a look around your blog and he was right. Your blog is interesting and diverse, yet it possesses wisdom and empathy as well. Glads are my favorite flower, for their beauty, fragrance, elegance, and brevity. As with most things of great worth in this life, they only stay a short while allowing us to imprint their beauty upon our hearts and minds. I live in southwestern Pennsylvania (United States); hence, winter begins early and lasts far too long so we tend to cherish the growth and beauty of our shorter growing seasons. Yes, I did paint the pictures. It is a hobby of mine that relaxes me and it allows me to interact with the creative process and those moments in nature that connect me to my creator.

      It is amazing to think that people, who would never have met, are easily brought together through technology. This is an exciting age but it is even more interesting to realize that it still requires a human of great depth to connect others of depth to one another. I look forward to your future posts.



      • Blogging brings about many happy surprises. The cherry blossom is valued and loved because of its transient beauty. The Japanese liken the life of the cherry blossom to the brief life of the Samurai.

        The winter here has finally loosened its hold on our area. Trees and flowers are in full glorious bloom.

        I am glad Ajay suggested you visit. He is a dear soul. I hope you will visit often. I enjoy company.


  1. I did not know that about the cherry blossom, thank you, truly. I love learning the meaning behind all things especially things possessing magnificent beauty. I will come by often as I feel we are kindred spirits of sorts. And you are correct, Ajay is a special soul. I treasure the ability to meet folks who are distanced from me by time and space. I love and appreciate the beauty and wonder of the smallest of creation to the most grandeur. Likewise, I am a very sensory centered individual and yet, the data my senses absorb facilitate an emotional response. Thank you for your perspectives.


  2. Very very nice dear, Kanzen is a very beautiful soul herself I am nothing compared to you both and am very glad I became friends with absolutely beautiful people like you 🙂
    Thank you dear


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