Just Me…

Just me…
Tina Blackledge

I am a faithful friend
a loving daughter
taking care of both my
Mother and my Father.

I am a sister too,
making certain they know
my love is true

I am a caretaker
of broken hearts…
but cannot seem to find
the salve to heal
what has torn my own apart.

I trust…and then pay the price
I offer my genuine self
and am told I must
put it back on the shelf.

When I give… everything is fine
but should I reveal a need
it is treated as a crime.

When you are angry or in distress
I will champion you as if it were a quest

I give all…
Why…why is it not enough?
Why can’t I be just me?
Why am I not enough?

Many tell me I am great
too many open the gate of hate and ridicule.

I trust…
What a huge mistake!
I take the bait and then they wait…
As jackals in a lurking state.

For when I reveal who I
really am…
It happens again!

How can you be so
Why did you dare believe
that you could ever
be…just me.

Replace the mask
play the game
because in the end
you have only yourself
to blame.

Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy…
this line of logic is steadfast
but only in the mind of an ass.

Blame the broken if you must
especially when they dare to trust.
For the prize can be called fate…when
they fail you reaffirm that you are great.

After all, they never really had a chance…
Live comfortably in your delusion, for
the day will come
when you comprehend that
‘just me’ was far more
vast than the sea.